Raising Awareness (Lipoedema events & raising awareness on Social Media)

Every one of us is familiar with CPD (Complex Physical Decongestive Therapy).

In every book, at every event or at every doctor’s visit, the pillars of CPD are the be-all and end-all of therapy for lipoedema.

Today, I would like to focus on a subject area that, for me personally, contributes greatly to the positive and successful handling of the disease.

As I mentioned in my previous blog, I had my key experience at an event in 2021, where I personally met lipoedema patients for the first time.

Since then, I have been to many events. Through my willingness to travel, I have already attended events all over Germany. I am lucky to have the support of my husband as this is very time consuming. In the high season, it can happen that I attend an event week.


Regardless of the size of the event and the number of participants in the events, each event has added value for me. I have met friendly people, made contacts and even formed friendships during the events.


Some women, contact persons from manufacturers or experts you meet again and again.

The disease connects us as we all have one thing in common.

Of course, you also receive scientific input at the events or legal tips.

My personal highlights are often the fashion shows or style checks, as fashion with compression is one of my daily passions.


Through my activity on Instagram (@Liavia86), I now have regular contact with many affected people from all over Germany. The events are a great opportunity to meet in person and deepen contact.

I have a kind of personal blog on Instagram; for me it’s like keeping a diary. I report on personal content, both the positive and the negative.

It’s a good way for me to deal with the disease.


In the meantime, I have already organised smaller events and information events myself. In October 2022, I had my first information day with medical lectures, a sports programme and offers from manufacturers and medical supply stores. These events have led to long-term contacts, and in June 2023, we will organise our first regional regulars’ table. Under the slogan “Passion in compression”, affected people can register to take part in an active regulars’ table every two months. I will regularly train there in my ANITA sports tights. Above all, the ANITA sports bras impress with their perfect support during trampoline sports.

In February 2023, I was able to combine raising awareness of the disease in a meeting with affected people and social media education.

The first Lipoedema Sisters flat-sharing community took place by the Baltic Sea. Together with a sponsor, I had the chance to spend a weekend together with nine other women affected by lipoedema. There, the girls discovered the great comfort of the sports tights massage by ANITA.


I can recommend visiting visit one of the numerous events to every woman affected by lipoedema. I regularly post upcoming events on my Instagram account. Most events are even free of charge, as they are sponsored by the presence of compression manufacturers, other service providers or medical supply stores. I can draw strength from the experiences and moments at the events for months to come, both as a participant and as an organiser.


Although every 10th woman is affected by lipoedema according to statistics, I had no acquaintances or colleagues affected in my personal environment.

Thanks to the numerous events, I now have women in my circle of friends and acquaintances with whom I regularly exchange ideas. We simply have different issues than healthy women who do not have this pain and do not know the psychological stress of a chronic disease.


Finally, I would like to motivate you to attend the events alone, as you will not be alone for long. Look for affected people on social media. There you can also search for regional support groups or events.


Hi, my name is Janina

My body is not a piece of jewelry, but an instrument. I have lipedema St II in my arms and legs. In the meantime, I know how to accept myself and enjoy my life with the diagnosis. The announcement and education of the disease are a matter close to my heart.

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