Rather alarmingly a large number of women (and particularly those with a smaller bust size) report that they don’t use a sports bra when they exercise, making do with their regular day to day bra instead, which they feel is supportive enough to cope with their workout habits. We are sorry to disillusion you if you are one of these ladies but this is simply not true. No day to day bra is suitable for exercising in regardless of bust size even if the exercise you are undertaking is not a high impact sport. We have mentioned before on this blog that high impact sports such as running and horse riding can cause breast movement of as much as 10cm up and down in a figure of eight movement! This amount of movement (totally unlike our day to day activity) demands that the bra we choose for our exercise sessions is a firm support bra that will hold the breast firmly in place and prevent it from moving. Even if you are an A or B cup and feel that you don’t need to worry about ‘bounce’ you should still be supporting your bust properly since, as we have mentioned previously, once sensitive breast tissue is damaged there is no way of repairing it. There are a number of different sports bras that you can choose from depending on your chosen exercise and Anita active have a great selection to view.

air control– This bra is perfect if you are a triathlete or prefer a lighter feeling bra… A maximum support sports bra with the added bonus of being the lightest sports bra available at the time of writing, it will dry out quickly and won’t add bulk to your silhouette. It has double layered seamlessly shaped cups and ergonomically shaped comfort straps with a breathable net back. It is available in Black, White and corall/anthracite.

Also worth a look is the dynamiX star with its intelligent strap design exclusively developed for Anita Active.  This firm control innovative bra won the Red Dot design award in 2014. The padded straps and ergonomic design of the sports bra make it extremely comfortable to wear whilst providing maximum support whilst engaging in high impact sports.  Dynamix Star is available in classic Black-Anthracite and Heather Grey.

A consistent best seller and popular choice is the sports bra extreme control. Performing even at the highest of impact levels the bra is made from high-function picque fabric and features seamless towelling cups for extra comfort. A breathable mesh back keeps the wearer cool and the padded straps and three section outer cup with sickle shaped side support keep the wearer supported throughout the exercise. This bra is available in Black, White, Desert, Python, Heather Grey and Black Shine.

If you prefer a front opening Bra then the Anita active frontline open is the one for you. Made from high function and breathable cotton microfiber the bra features infinitely adjustable comfort straps with a Velcro type fastener and a seamlessly shaped cup for comfort. No seams means no uncomfortable chafing or soreness. This bra is a great choice for gym workouts, yoga, cycling classes and other medium impact sports. It comes in black, desert or white.

Finally though ladies, as always, please make sure that you are correctly fitted at a reputable lingerie store whatever sports bra you decide upon. If it’s not the right size then it won’t do its job so make sure before you embark on a purchase. There is a full list of Anita stockists on the website.

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