Who knew bras were so complex? Forget the days of simply thinking they’re boobie-supporters because they are so much more than that. Of course, the sole purpose is to give you that added lift and support that you need but there are some things you may not have known about your bras. The best part is that these secrets can actually help you find a better fit and the best style for your breasts.

Your Bra Size is Interchangeable

Inter-what? Yes, some bra sizes can actually be different, depending on the brand and store you’re purchasing from. The struggle is real. You finally took the time to out of your busy schedule to get professionally fitted only to find out that the next store you purchase bras from defines cup sizes differently. The tag reads the same size, but the fit just isn’t right. That’s because bra sizes are interchangeable. So it’s best to find a bra brand that you love, find your size with their styles specifically, and shop hassle-free. Why? Because getting professionally fitted at every lingerie store is totally unrealistic. Plus, once you find a brand you love, you’ll have no other reason to shop anywhere else.

The Straps aren’t for Support

Everything you thought you knew about bras has officially been debunked. And you thought you knew your bras. Tsk tsk, ladies. The truth is that if you have been using bra straps for support, you’re using the bra wrong – and you probably have indents in your shoulder. Straps are there to help support, but the band is what actually does the heavy lifting. If you wear a proper size and let the band do the lifting, you will also have a better posture and a much more comfortable experience.

Twin Underwire Bra

Your Bra Size will and can Change

Boobs. As if they weren’t complicated enough. Once you finally feel like you have them under control, they go through a random growth spurt. The struggle is definitely real, ladies – and it’s not about to end anytime soon because your boobs will continue to change well throughout the course of your life. It’s even estimated that your bra size can change up to 6 times a year. So, it’s good practice to get fitted regularly.

Your Underwire won’t cause Cancer

It seems like everything now a days causes cancer, but your underwire bra is not one of them! This whole common misconception comes from the idea that if the underwire is digging into your breasts, it could disrupt the tissues and put pressure on your lymphatic system, which could lead to a tumor. However, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that supports this. It’s simply a rumor, but all the more reason to get properly fitted anyway! Plus, a digging underwire is just never fun.

Your Bra has an Expiration Date

Although you may not find an expiration date sewn into the fabric, your bras definitely have one. Of course, it depends on how often you wear the wear, the quality, the fabric and so on and so forth. So, as a rule of thumb, give your bras a day off in between wearing them. This will help prevent the fabric from stretching out, and will in turn, will encourage a longer lifespan. You also want to take proper care of your bras, by storing and washing them appropriately. But if the bra seems to be falling apart or not holding you up properly, it’s time to let it go.


Bras are more than just undergarment. Heck, some styles are even designed to be shown to the world. Needless to say, they never fail to surprise us – just like our beloved bosoms.  Shop away ladies, and let the mysterious ways and features of bras continue.

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