Mastectomy bras

Mastectomy bras for perfect breast balance

The very special materials used in their making and of course exceptional cuts make the Anita care mastectomy bras functional as well as fashionable.

The integrated pockets provide the breast prosthesis with the ideal support. Perfectly co-ordinated with Anita care prostheses, it offers unique, high-quality wearing comfort.


Anita care mastectomy bras


Fresh colours, trendy designs, gorgeous lace details

Special features of mastectomy bras by Anita care

We care about your well-being. That is why mastectomy bras by Anita care are characterised by their particularly high quality. In order to guarantee your peace of mind, our specialist bras perfectly meet your needs:

Secure support

The special cut as well as the higher neckline and bridge provide the breast prosthesis and compensatory cup with secure support in the bra.

Prosthesis pockets

Every Anita mastectomy bra has a soft cotton, micro modal or microfibre prosthesis pocket with a soft finish on both sides. These materials are smooth and soft on the skin. Our specialist bras also have armholes with a higher cut. This means that possible scarring on the sides is well covered and concealed.

Relieving straps

With increasing bust and breast prosthesis size, the weight increases, too. The larger the size of the Anita care mastectomy bras, the wider the straps, so your shoulders will not take on the brunt of the weight. 

A comfortable wearing sensation

The underbust band of all Anita care bras have a wider design to guarantee secure support from the bottom as well as incredible comfort.

NEW - mastectomy sports bras

Bestseller: extreme control 

The bestselling Anita active sports bra is now also available with integrated prosthesis pockets on both sides. Thanks to their particularly soft finish, the materials ensure that no rubbing or skin irritations can occur during movement. 

The cups are lined with highly functional terry which wicks away sweat from the body, ensuring the perfect skin climate. Padded straps provide secure support and a comfortable wearing sensation.

Anita care Active prostheses with a breathable ribbed design are a great match.


Washing mastectomy bras

Using a lingerie bag and closing the fasteners are the best ways to keep your lingerie safe in the wash. Most lingerie can be washed at a low temperature of 30° in the washing machine. Please use the delicate wash cycle.

If your washing machine doesn’t have a delicate wash cycle, use the wash cycle “easy-care” in conjunction with mild detergent. Please do not use fabric softener because it damages the fibres. 

Dry your bras on a clothes horse. Never dry them in the dryer, on the radiator or in direct sun light because extreme heat accelerates the wear of fabrics and lace.