If you’ve been the kind of girl that can walk into any store and just grab a bra, then you’ve been doing it all wrong because the fabric that your bra is made out of is an important component to your comfort, support and shape. Since there are so many different kinds of materials that lingerie and undergarments are made of, we have narrowed it down to two of the most popular fabrics used for bras that also happen to be fairly similar as well. So, let’s break down the differences between cotton and microfiber bras so you can start wearing the shape, size and support you should have been enjoying this whole time.

All About Cotton
The majority of your bras are probably made out of cotton, just as is your entire wardrobe. It’s an extremely soft fabric that comes from a cotton plant, and is made into many different forms. It’s comfortable, durable, absorbent and machine washable, although it still is never recommended to toss your bras into the machines. On the contrary, cotton can shrink very easily, but that doesn’t steer people away from its incredible comfort.

All About Microfiber
Microfiber is another popular choice of fabric for bras that is also used for many other products as well. It is made up of filament fibers that are spun around so tightly that you can barely feel the actual texture of the fabric grain, which also makes them a perfect fabric for wearing underneath clothes. It is an extremely durable material, thin, lightweight, breathable and has a silky soft feel. So, what are the differences?

The Best Everyday Option

Sophia Comfort Bra

Now that you have discovered what the features are of both fabrics, the differences are just as easy to see – and feel. Both fabrics are perfect for everyday wear, but one is better than the other. Cotton bras are perfect for throwing on under a tee and are extremely comfortable, but when they are designed with vibrant colors, you will be able to see the bright colors through a lighter top. So cotton bras are definitely a great option that is super comfortable, but you may have to be a little choosy with the top that you’re wearing them with. Microfiber bras are just as excellent for everyday wear, and one of the biggest differences is that they are almost invisible when worn underneath clothes, even when made in bright colors. Microfiber bras are also more lightweight, which provides the feeling of not even wearing a bra at all, making them perfect for those hot, sweltering summer days. Goodbye, boob sweat.

The Best Exercise Option

Momentum Sports Bra, Maximum Support

Since cotton is a thicker fabric, bras made out of this material aren’t necessarily the best option for exercising due to all the sweat and heat. However, microfiber bras are the perfect option because they are already designed to be lightweight and breathable. Now that’s not to say that you will be uncomfortable wearing a cotton bra while exercising, but the sweat will be absorbed so its best to leave those styles for outside of the gym.
Both cotton and microfiber bras are perfect for everyday wear, and while cotton provides more softness, microfiber bras provide a lighter feeling.

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