The time to give thanks for great food, good wine and even better friends and family is here. Thanksgiving is the season for sitting around a big dinner table with mounds of delicious food filling you up until you enter a turkey coma. Oh, the joys of the holidays! What’s not to love?

One thing is the aftermath. Indulging on Thanksgiving always seems like a good idea until you realize that all your hard work has been eaten away in one sitting. So, enjoy the holidays, give thanks but keep your health and fitness on track by avoiding these common Thanksgiving mistakes.

  1. Do Not Over Eat Just Because It’s Thanksgiving

When you only get a turkey dinner once or twice a year, you indulge. We all do it. We stuff ourselves until we’re as full as the stuffed turkey was. Unfortunately, doing so simply means you’re eating more calories than you need and as you already know, the food coma that follows is painful. So, try to eat the same portions as you normally would and keep what-would-be your second, third and fourth servings as leftovers. That way, you can enjoy this once-a-year meal for several days, all without completely devouring your calorie count.

  1. Do Not Skip Meals to Make Room for Turkey

Similar to the prior, many people skip meals prior to a big turkey meal in hopes of being able to get more of the good stuff in. However, your stomach isn’t going to expand in 24 hours just because you didn’t eat. Whether you had breakfast and lunch prior has nothing to do with how much your stomach can handle. In other words, you’ll just end up eating more than you actually need. So, don’t skip your meals. Instead, opt for lighter options to ensure you’re hungry (not starving) just in time for the turkey.

  1. Don’t Start a Diet Right Before the Holidays

We all want to look fabulous in our holiday outfit and New Year’s Eve gown but now is not the time to start a diet.  You’ll just be taking the fun out of the season, as you’ll be too focused on the food instead of the fun aspects of the season. Instead, make it a goal to eat healthier. Slowly transition into what will be your new diet during the holiday season, so you’ll be ready to tackle it come the new year.

  1. Drinking Too Much Eggnog

Everyone loves a good rum and eggnog or (several) glasses of red wine at Thanksgiving time but alcohol is one of the worst things for your healthy aspirations. To keep your health and diet on track, limit the number of alcoholic beverages you enjoy. If you typically drink all day on Thanksgiving, drink water during the day and only crack open the bottle of wine at dinner time. Enjoy one rum and eggnog instead of ten, and enjoy what you love the most without overdoing it.

Embrace the season, enjoy the holiday treats and delicious eats all the while keeping your health on track simply by avoiding these commonly-made mistakes during Thanksgiving time.

Enjoy and Happy Thanks Giving!



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