Ladies of all breasts sizes, rejoice! This one is for everyone from an A cup and well beyond. While it’s easy to think that any bra will do, sports and non – especially for the smaller breasted ladies when working up a sweat and toning that body, this is actually where so many people go wrong. Athletic sport bras are more than just a highly fashionable item to wear to your next yoga or Zumba class, and it can be hard justifying dishing out high dollars for something you’re going to get all sweaty. However, once you know exactly what your athletic bra is supposed to be doing for you, you’ll certainly want an engineered, supportive and comfortable style from the Anita Collection.

Prevent Breast Injuries

Breast injuries? You bet it’s a thing, and it can result from wearing a poorly made, not supportive sport bra during a workout, and you need to be especially careful when doing high impact exercises in bad bras. Research has shown that a significant amount of women are experiencing some sort of breast injury that is the result of the tissue (your boobs) moving up and down, side to side. In other words, a lack of support. Not only can these injuries be painful, but they can also lead to tissue damage that can cause stretch marks and sagging – two things every lady wants to deter from happening. Even if you think your small breasts have the right of passage to go bra-less, think again. Breast injuries and tissue damage doesn’t discriminate and it is a very real – and serious problem for all sizes.

Support in the RIGHT Places
With that said, support is essential to preventing breast injuries, as well as other discomfort. A lack of bra or wearing a low quality sports bra can also cause back pain. This is why it is so important to find the proper athletic bra that supports you in the right places. That neon elastic band is tight around your body – and super adorable, but it isn’t necessarily serving its purpose. Try to find a sports bra that have some sort of cup as opposed to the styles that just see your boobs and body as one and cover it with stretchy fabrics. The cups don’t have to be padded (but an extra boost never hurts), they should always be fitted. No sagging, dragging, pulling or drooping allowed.

Goodbye Body Acne
After an intense, sweaty workout, you feel great but when you wake up the next morning to find little red dots (aka pimples) sprouting on your chest, breasts, bum and back, it isn’t rare to question – is the exercise worth the blemishes? Well, you certainly don’t want to stop working out because exercise is essential to thorough health, but you don’t have to be experiencing body acne post an intense sweat session either. While there are some tricks to help avoid body acne from occurring such as showering right after your workout, the sports bra that you wear can also decrease the blockage of pores. It’s all about the fabrics as your skin needs to be able to breath and you most certainly want your sports bra to catch the sweat instead of letting it absorb into your pores. High engineered athletic bras that incorporate breathable fabrics is an excellent place to start.

Of course, we can’t say that without telling you to check out the Anita Collection of all kinds of sports bras, intimates and so much more. You work out to look, feel and be better. Don’t let your bra jeopardize that.

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