Where does your Anita & Rosa Faia swimwear actually come from?

Your Anita or Rosa Faia bikini, tankini or swimsuit will go through many hands before it makes you look great on the beach. All items are developed by ANITA in Germany and are produced almost entirely at the company’s own facilities.


 Design made in Germany

At ANITA, all cuts and styles – from the first sketch to the finished product – are designed and developed in Germany. Just like in any other traditional manufacture, (almost) everything comes from a single source. The designers compile ideas and take the wishes and feedback of our customers into consideration. They create the so-called "mood boards," an initial brainstorming of moods and colour themes. They also choose the trend colours for the coming season.

Designers don’t start working on the various styles until the framework for the collection is complete. Here at ANITA, we think about the various shapes and sizes of our customers as early as the initial design stage. Their special focus is perfect fit and support, including for larger sizes. This is always a major concern when it comes to designing the cuts. These aspects also play an important role in choosing the fabrics.

Once all the items and series have their final approval, a cut is created for each size and cup type. In fact, a unique cut is created for each size and cup type at the ANITA sample making facility. Depending on the item that can be up to 50 individual cut components and ancillaries! Testers and models try on all the new items again and again. Having the products tested in real-life conditions will reveal possible design flaws. The cuts will then be adjusted and modified as needed until a perfect fit is achieved.

Manufactured at our own production sites

As the sole owner of a total of six manufacturing facilities – including in Chonburi, Thailand and Yangong, Myanmar – ANITA controls 80 percent of its manufacturing business. That's how ANITA can guarantee highest quality standards, from a perfect fit to the durability of all products, while also actively assuming responsibility for the work and framework conditions in our European and Asian facilities.

Work standards and social responsibility

Respect for each and every one of our ANITA employees is practically part of the DNA of the Weber-Unger family. At our manufacturing facilities in Portugal and the Czech Republic, and specifically at our locations in Thailand and Myanmar, respect for our workforce is paramount. Modern, friendly and air-conditioned workplaces in compliance with highest hygiene standards are a matter of course for us. The medical and social security of the employees by way of optimal care and support in case of illness is a special concern of the owners. 

The following measures have been implemented to ensure this:

  • High-quality and healthy meals for the employees
  • Regulated work and break times, as well as fair holiday schedules
  • Easy transport options to and from work
  • Facilities surrounded by nature with great views 

Environment and sustainability

At locations where eco-power is available, ANITA currently draws more than 90% of electricity from regenerative sources. The remaining locations will follow at the latest by 2025.
ANITA also aims to cover 25% of its power consumption worldwide with regenerative power from rooftop PV systems by 2025. This goal has already been achieved at the company headquarters in Brannenburg, Germany, as well as at the manufacturing facilities in Myanmar and Portugal.

ANITA insists on an often undervalued sustainability factor in all its products: Durability!

The topics of recycling or disposal become much less of an issue if products have a longer lifespan. That also means less use of raw materials.