AIR CONTROL DELTAPAD - Maximum Support Sports Bra

Article Number 5544

Our AIR CONTROL DELTAPAD sports bra merges functionality and style to create theideal sports bra for every active woman. Our exclusive Delta Pad design ensuresmaximum support while the ultra-light mesh fabric allows for optimal air circulation.

* patented foam cup

Anita sweat management technology


* double-layered cup


* increasing with size range

* sealed seams


* power mesh lining

Fabric & care

49% Nylon

39% Polyester

12% Elastane

Anita Sweat Management

The interaction of two breathable hi-tech fabrics  permits optimum, active “Sweat Management”.

Delicate wash 40°

Do not bleach

Do not tumble dry

Do not iron

Do not dry clean

Size Table
1. Underbust measurementMeasurement in inches24.6 - 26.626.6 - 28.528.5 - 30.530.5 - 32.532.5 - 34.434.4 - 36.436.4 - 38.438.4 - 40.440.4 - 42.342.3 - 44.344.3 - 46.346.3 - 48.248.2 - 50.250.2 - 52.2
 US size3032343638404244464850525456
2. Difference to the underbustMeasurement in inches3.9 - 4.74.7 - 5.55.5 - 6.36.3 - 7.17.1 - 7.87.8 - 8.78.7 - 9.59.5 - 10.210.2 - 11.111.1 - 11.811.8 - 12.6
3. Waist measurementMeasurement in inches22.8 - 24.424.4 - 26.426.4 - 28.328.3 - 30.330.3 - 32.332.3 - 34.334.3 - 36.236.2 - 38.238.2 - 40.240.2 - 42.142.1 - 44.144.1 - 46.146.1 - 48.0
4. Hip measurementMeasurement in inches33.1 - 34.634.6 - 36.636.6 - 38.238.2 - 39.839.8 - 41.341.3 - 42.942.9 - 44.544.5 - 46.146.1 - 47.647.6 - 49.249.2 - 50.850.8 - 52.452.4 - 53.9
Panty girdle sizeUS size28303234363840424446485052
Dress sizeUS size46810121416182022242628
1. Underbust measurement
Measurement in inchesUS Size
24.6 - 26.630
26.6 - 28.532
28.5 - 30.534
30.5 - 32.536
32.5 - 34.438
34.4 - 36.440
36.4 - 38.442
38.4 - 40.444
40.4 - 42.346
42.3 - 44.348
44.3 - 46.350
46.3 - 48.252
48.2 - 50.254
50.2 - 52.256
2. Difference to underbust
Measurement in inchesUS Size
3.9 - 4.7AA
4.7 - 5.5A
5.5 - 6.3B
6.3 - 7.1C
7.1 - 7.8D
7.8 - 8.7E
8.7 - 9.5F
9.5 - 10.2G
10.2 - 11.1H
11.1 - 11.8I
11.8 - 12.6J
3. Waist4. HipPanty girdle sizeDress size
Measurement in inchesUS Size
22.8 - 24.433.1 - 34.6284
24.4 - 26.434.6 - 36.6306
26.4 - 28.336.6 - 38.2328
28.3 - 30.338.2 - 39.83410
30.3 - 32.339.8 - 41.33612
32.3 - 34.341.3 - 42.93814
34.3 - 36.242.9 - 44.54016
36.2 - 38.244.5 - 46.14218
38.2 - 40.246.1 - 47.64420
40.2 - 42.147.6 - 49.24622
42.1 - 44.149.2 - 50.84824
44.1 - 46.150.8 - 52.45026
46.1 - 48.052.4 - 53.95228

Customer reviews 25

Must have for equestrians
Best bra purchase ever. I have a drawer full of bras that I will be replacing with Anita products. I am a 34E equestrian. No one wants to see your girls bouncing as you ride. This gives me a secure, comfortable, cool, no bounce ride. Looks good under clothing too. The smart rose is a very pretty color.

Review by TeriKY (Posted on 9/10/2020)
Absolute LOVE!
I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE this bra!! I was wearing an older Anita sports bra that had no padding. So I had to wear Nippies to tone down my nipples. But this bra is THE ONE!!! I wear a G cup so it's very hard to find a sports bra that works!! If they made one in more of a mocha color, I could maybe get away with wearing it all the time. :o)

Review by Kimmiegirl from Balto (Posted on 8/8/2020)
Finally found THE ONE
I am 65 years and have hated bras since my first trainer. I have been on a search ever since to find one I could stand for at least 8 hours. This is it! The control and lift is good without making me look flattened like I am wearing a Sport bra. The straps are nice, wide and padded. The band does not roll.
I am just purchasing another and am so happy.

Review by Z (Posted on 6/29/2020)
Great bra providing support on the top, sides and bottom.
FINALLY! No bounce! Large busted women know that running or any aerobic activity can be painful, and those other over the head sports bras do not work. This bra delivers! It is comfortable and supportive. THANK YOU! Had I owned this bra years ago, I may have been a long distance runner.

Review by Beach Liz (Posted on 5/18/2020)
Perfect running bra!
I bought this a year ago on impulse and could not be more happy. I am finally at the point where some old running bras gave up, so I am restocking with this one! Great support. Zero chafing. The pads provide modesty and do not get sweat soaked. Perfect!
By the way, I accidentally ordered the other Air Control (without pads) and the cup fit is completely different - much larger.

Review by Heather (Posted on 4/21/2020)
No Bounce and they mean it!!
I have 2 of these bras. These are phenomenal bras, while my shirts are drenched in sweat, my shirt is dry where my bra is. The no bounce is perfect for running and high impact sports. I love camp gladiator and this bra holds up every time, I love them.

Review by Gottarun86 (Posted on 2/24/2020)
Finally found a bra that fits, is super supportive and just feels great (how is that possible in a bra?)! Perfect for any level of activity from running to yoga. To think I was ready to throw in the towel. Thanks for a great piece of "equipment". :)

Review by Frannyt3e (Posted on 2/10/2020)
Fantastic Bra
Great bra for doing boot camp! Appreciated the bra staying in place and not sweating to death.

Review by Wow Missie (Posted on 10/3/2019)
Motivation and Inspiration
The best supported sports bra for health and well-being. Realised the importance of sports bra giving motivational power to reach healthy goals.

Review by Aditya Prasad (Posted on 9/20/2019)
No bounce, no show
I ride horses and have always found it difficult to find a sports bra that stops the bounce, has a nice line under summer technical fabrics and prevents show through. This is it. It works for high impact sports and is comfortable enough to wear all day every day. Highly recommend.

Review by Laura (Posted on 9/1/2019)
Strong, comfortable support helps good posture.
Since receiving a proper fitting at a lingerie store, I wear this model of bra every day. It promotes good posture very comfortably. It supports me in the gym, at the office, and around the house.

Review by Virginia (Posted on 8/18/2019)
Best sports bra ever! ????
This is the best sports bra that I have ever owned. Very comfortable with the mesh insert. I can wear it for working out and then some, and I love the strong support. I plan on ordering another one in a different color in the near future!

Review by Marlene (Posted on 6/21/2019)
Best bra I have ever had for temperatures in the 90's +

Review by Terri (Posted on 6/20/2019)
All-time favorite sports bra. Love that it has a clasp closure in the back (I hate pulling on sports bras over my head or stepping into them). This fits perfectly and provides the exact support I need (size 34B).

Review by Sara (Posted on 6/13/2019)
Great, versatile bra
Love this bra! It’s great for sports and is also my go-to casual bra for weekends and travel. Recommend!

Review by Cynthia (Posted on 5/26/2019)
I love this bra! Works great for sports, and it’s also my go-to casual bra for flights. Fits well, supports D cup well and holds up.

Review by Cynthia (Posted on 5/26/2019)
Absolutely EPIC!! Best sports bra EVER!
I am a very hard to fit size (30H). I’m very active and was wearing three bras to run, do Zumba and two bras for normal exercise. The Anita Active with power mesh may not appear to be supportive but trust me, it absolutely is!! I only wear two bras when I run and only one for any other athletic activity!! I highly recommend this bra!! I’ve worn mine for a year now and they are not stretched out where the hooks are. It is absolutely worth the money to find a sports bra that fits great and is super comfortable!! I would LOVE to model these for Anita!!

Review by Ksmodelmom (Posted on 3/8/2019)
Favorite running bra!
Love this bra! Very comfortable! Just wish it would come in a racerback!

Review by Doc 1 (Posted on 2/17/2019)
great all-around sports bra
I love this bra. The mesh helps keep me cooler than most sports bras and the cups don't chafe or stick to my skin. I'm a 38G and I use this bra for everything from yoga to weightlifting to running.

Review by Erika (Posted on 2/16/2019)
I would really like to get some
I really love your sports bars do you have catalog I would like to get one

Review by Marie (Posted on 11/25/2018)
Full size full comfortable support
This bra is great for full busted figures. Comfortable, super supportive, minimizes bounce and no "uni-boob".

Review by Erin (Posted on 7/21/2018)
comfortable for running
Best running bra ever! Please make in a nude color!!!!!

Review by KM (Posted on 5/30/2018)
Best Bra!
Outstanding bra!!! Best sports bra for running, working out. I do OrangeTheory and go running for miles at a time. The bra holds up!

Review by Sue (Posted on 4/14/2018)
Great for running and working out, comfortable enough to wear all the time.
Awesome running bra! I'm a 38D so I need a fair amount of support but I hate underwires. No chafing and no sore neck (racer backs hurt my lower neck), the bra stayed in place and didn't need any mid-run tugging. Completely forgot I was wearing a sports bra it was so comfortable I left it on the rest of the day.

Review by Katherine (Posted on 3/18/2018)
strong support and pefect fit
I do love the fitting and the strong support while running. I will get the bra in a different color as well since I love the shape!

Review by Susanne (Posted on 8/10/2017)

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