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We have often been asked the question “Do you think that when it comes to bras it really pays to spend more?” Many people feel that as a bra is hidden for the most part under your clothes perhaps it doesn’t really matter how good it is since no one is going to see it.

We asked Anita UK Manager Jemma Barnes what she had to say on the subject. Her answer was very interesting and will probably have you all grabbing your bras and turning them inside out. Why?

Jemma says: “What really matters is the construction of a bra and the technical aspects inside. It’s always a good indicator of quality and value to turn a bra inside out and see the inner workings of it. Does it have smooth seams that won’t irritate your skin, does it have a good padded casing round the under wire (which in itself shouldn’t be too hard) so that it won’t dig in? Does it have a support sling inside for extra support if needed?  Is it sewn together well? Is it lined? Is it a single layer of fabric or a double layer? Are the straps firm enough and adjustable? All these things will make your bra more comfortable and more durable. Sometimes paying more does mean more features, better quality, better fit, better comfort and better value for money.”

Another question on many people’s lips is “How often do we need to be updating our bra collection?” Again we turned to Jemma for pointers:

She said “It’s a hard question to answer. It depends how many bras a woman has in her bra wardrobe, how often she wears each one and of course how she looks after them. Washing by hand is a sure way to make your bras last longer – as is avoiding using fabric softener which can damage lycra fibres which help give bras the stretch and flexibility you need for comfort and fit. As a general rule of thumb a good quality  bra worn two or three times a week and cared for appropriately will probably last 9- 12 months offering the same level of support as when purchased. After that the bra will start to stretch and fabrics may alter in structure and performance.”

So the answer to the question does it matter how much you spend on a bra would seem to be yes. As Jemma mentioned above you get what you pay for in life and that includes your bras. The larger the cup size the more important that support becomes as delicate breast tissue once damaged cannot be repaired. Caring properly and carefully for your bras will help to extend their life span and it is better to buy three very good bras and look after them well than to spend your money on ten cheap ones that won’t fit well, won’t be comfortable and will not last very long anyway since the care we take over our possessions is often linked to the amount we spent on them in the first place. So go ahead, turn your bra inside out and have a look at what you are getting for your dollar!

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