If you ask fifty women what the worst thing is about having to wear a bra you will probably get a similar answer from each of them. The underwire’s dig in, the straps are too tight, the back rides up, the cups cut into the breast and on and on… these complaints usually mean that the bra is not the right size, is possibly of poor quality and almost certainly won’t look very good either under clothes or without them. It could also result in back pain and shoulder ache particularly if you are a D Cup or above.

Anita has been making bras for almost 130 years and comfort is a real priority for the designers.

All the Anita bras are extremely comfortable to wear but the best selling by a long way in the UK are the bras in the Twin collection.  The collection includes both wired and wire-free bras to suit your preference as well as a super comfortable body for use when you also want some smoothing.


If we were to examine the Twin more closely we start to see what makes it such a popular bra.


If we start with the straps (1) we see that they are wider than usual with extra-soft tailoring designed to keep them in place so that they don’t slip off.


This spreads the pressure across the shoulder more evenly and stops those red indentations that you can get on the shoulders with a badly fitting bra.



Next we can take a look at the fabric and the stitching of a Twin bra. The softer the fabric is then the more comfortable the bra, and the fabric used in the Twin collection is so soft against the skin that it’s almost as good as not wearing a bra at all.

The cups (2) are smooth, with no uncomfortable seams to chafe or rub and they have double layers to ensure that they are discreet under close fitting tops. All the seams are totally flat so again no chafing.


Twin Tshirt Bra – Rosa Faia 

Finally we can look at the wire construction (3). This part of the bra is often the most complained about as no one wants to be stabbed in the chest by a stray wire or find it lodged in their washing machine  creating expensive repair bills!

The wires used by the Anita team are ergonomically C shaped flexible wires, much more suited to the natural curve of the breast bone than traditional wired bras.


The C wire is safely encased in a super soft microfiber to ensure that it is safely held in place.


Twin Art – Rosa Faia 

For a day to day bra the Twin series is hard to beat, there are a number of skin tones and of course black and white to choose from as well as a pretty patterned version called Twin Art if you want something a little fancier.  Whatever your outfit Twin will have something to suit and you will be so comfortable you will probably forget you are wearing it!





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