Beautiful Bras for Post Breast Surgery

If you have been through breast surgery and are using a breast form (or prosthesis) you will be hoping to find beautiful lingerie suitable for your new post-surgery needs. Anita Care is a brand dedicated to designing and making pretty, well-fitting and comfortable bras for ladies who have undergone breast surgery and we have five exciting new bras and colours to bring you for 2017!

Fleur – post surgical bra 

Light pink coloured post surgical bra for prosthesis from Anita care

A cheeky lace bra in a floral design with a colour contrasting bow on the front panel, Fleur has two sectioned cups and is pocketed on both sides It comes with three matching briefs in different cuts to suit your personal preference and fits up to an E cup.


Fleur – Lace clip-on crop top

Also in the range is a fab little Bandeau Lace Top which clips easily onto the bra straps to create a pretty lace neckline under low cut tops and dresses for those occasions when you want to you’re your favourite dress but don’t want everything on show!


There really is no reason for post surgical lingerie to ever look boring and dowdy so check out your local Anita stockist and fill your lingerie drawer with some pretty and feminine bras from Anita Care.


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