It isn’t always easy to find the right bra if you have a large bust. The shops usually offer a multitude of bra styles and colours for A, B, C and maybe a D cup – but that’s basically it. Don’t worry. If you are looking for bras in large sizes you will find just what you need in our Rosa Faia collections, because our underwear alphabet keeps going right up to a J cup. Find out here, how to find a bra in a large size that fits perfectly and what this “Big Cup Support” is all about.


Large breasts need support

You will know all about neck and back pain if you have a large bust. All the more important that you find a bra that gives you the support you need. That is what our Big Cup Support is all about – for example in the model Selma. The special cut with a four-part cup supports the breast and gives it a gorgeous shape. A high bridge adds that little bit of extra support as well.

Bras: big sizes, big comfort

For the very best comfort, choose a large size bra made of a stretchy material that moulds itself to the shape of your body. The wide, softly padded straps will lie in the middle of your shoulders without cutting into your flesh. A padded back will add that extra plus in comfort.


How to find the right bra size

You aren’t sure if you are actually wearing the right size of bra? Have a look at whether your breasts are overflowing the cups and the underwire feels uncomfortable. Those are sure signs of a bra that is much too small for you, as are straps that are painfully cutting into your shoulders. You should definitely look for a bigger bra size if it keeps slipping or the bridge between the breasts is not flush against your skin.


Diversity in the lingerie drawer

Sometimes you’ll want a simple, practical classic and sometimes you’ll feel like romantic lace. Choose a large size bra in a nude hue to wear under a light-coloured top and one in a bright red to go with an eye-catching It piece top! How about the Abby Big Cup bra in the French Chantilly look? The model Fleur with super soft lace is just perfect if you are in a romantic mood.

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