The big date is coming closer and it is time to pack your bag for the hospital. Your baby will be born very soon. Make sure to have everything you will need ready to go for when the contractions start. Your best bet is to have your bag packed in week 33. All you’ll have to do then is grab it and get to the hospital. But what will you really need, when you get there? Here is a checklist for you for packing your hospital bag.


You will need these documents

The hospital will look for specific documents when you get there. Make sure your maternity log is in the bag. You will also need your referral documents from your doctor to ensure problem-free admission. And you will need your health insurance card and the birthing plan. My tip: Having a list with important phone numbers with you is also a good idea. That will make informing friends and family of the new arrival much easier.

The right clothes for you and the baby

Your hospital bag should contain sufficient clothing for you and your newborn. A tracksuit will be the most comfortable choice for relaxing, and a bathrobe for trips down the hall will also be a good idea. Have a comfortable nightshirt ready for the actual birth. You will also need some comfy, loose-fitting clothes for when it is time to go home. Other essentials for your hospital bag checklist: A nursing bra and top, slippers, socks and a laundry bag for used underwear. Your baby will need clothes while you stay in hospital, as well as a blanket and nappies. Don’t forget about an outfit for the little one to go home in, and a car seat for the drive. Some cotton swaddling cloths are also a good thing to have.

Essentials for your toiletry bag

Sure: You’ve got other things to think about than putting on makeup, but personal hygiene is extra important and worth thinking about when you pack your hospital bag. You’ll need a toothbrush, toothpaste, and some care products for your face and body. Any medication you are taking must also go to hospital with you. Some wash cloths and towels, as well as sanitary towels and nursing pads will also be helpful. Other items for your hospital bag: A hairband or scrunchy, handkerchiefs, earplugs and massage oil.

You should also not forget things to pass the time – like a book or magazine. It goes without saying that your smartphone needs to come to hospital with you – so you can send pictures of your newborn to the people that matter to you. 🙂

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