If you’ve just had a baby, then you know what we mean: You may have put on a pound or two during pregnancy. Your little darling is finally here, but you are unhappy about your weight. Of course, it is completely normal that you don’t just snap back to your pre-pregnancy body. But you can help your body to get back into shape faster. How? For example with the super practical ReBelt Panty by Anita maternity.


Get your body back into shape

You will need some time to recover after giving birth. But at some point comes the time for you tothink about your body and the topic of recovery. Your abdominal wall should be tightened again and your pelvic floor strengthened. The ReBelt Panty supports the abdomen quite simply during the regression. Of course you can´t do without the classic recovery exercieses and courses with the panty, but it can actually support you in recovery. In order for this to succeed, you can adjust the regression pants to your body. You wear them just like normal briefs under trousers or a dress. In combination with some activity – for example walking – you will feel so much better in your own skin again very soon.

My tip: The panty is also a good choice if you had a C-section or other abdominal OP, and if walking is still painful. It offers great support for your sensitive tummy.


Comfy underwear for every day

Giving birth and the days that followed were really exhausting. But now you are back and ready to feel good about yourself again! The ReBelt Panty is made of a super soft, elastic and breathable fabric that molds itself comfortably around your curves. The high stretch content follows every movement you make with perfect flexibility. Its breathable properties ensure good ventilation and keep you from getting sweaty. The leg ends are also perfectly elastic to make sure nothing pinches in uncomfortably.


Make your panty your shapewear

Why should such an amazing tool like your ReBelt panty be banished to the depth of your wardrobe after you recovered from your baby belly? Just make it your everyday shapewear instead! This panty will keep your belly, bum and hips in shape long after you have given birth. It will help you highlight your feminine body – for example with the classic black model under your favourite dark dress.














The ReBelt Panty is available in black, white and new in desert.

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