The Anita UK Team have just come back from a few days in Kufstein in Austria having enjoyed some advanced training on the company’s new post-surgical bra and the Lymph O Fit range. The training was carried out at the Anita Distribution Centre by Ruth Stratman – who designed all the Lymph O fit products and by Beate Raupach – head of international training for Anita.

The intensive training was welcomed by the team and timely as the new products which are newly available to order are highly technical in nature and really ramp the brand offering up and onto the highest level of care possible for post-surgery women.

The Lymph O Fit products are specialist items designed to assist women suffering from light lymphodema’s following the removal of lymph nodes at the time of their breast surgery. These products include the Lymph O Fit bra, the Lymph O Fit arm sleeve with hand, the Lymph O Fit arm sleeve without a hand and the Lymph O Fit glove. They are all made with a specialist fabric that massages the skin of the wearer to improve the flow of fluids around the body. The aim is to prevent the fluids building up and causing an edema (an edema being a swelling caused by the buildup of lymph fluid that is not flowing round the body efficiently because of the weakened lymph system after the removal of nodes).

In addition there are two new highly technical bras on the horizon. The first is a new post-op compression bra. This is an improvement on previous compression bras offered on the market as it has a completely stitch free terry lined interior so there are no seams on the inside of the bra. This makes it suitable for wearers who find the seam that joins the underband of a bra to the cups uncomfortable on their scar. Other advantages of this fantastic new bra are that it has two rows of hooks and eyes for adjustment and it is made of the same fabric as the Anita Active Air Control support bra , so as well as looking nicer and offering more colour than typical compression bras , it is breathable and very lightweight.

Anita compression bra white after breast surgery with fleece lining

The second technical marvel soon to be available is the Post OP Mastectomy Bra (1091). This innovative garment has two separate cups, one is a regular bra cup with no compression for the unaffected breast and the other has a clever cup with a pocket on the inside to hold a temporary soft breast form. On the side that sits closest to the skin on the operated area; the pocket is lined with the Lymph O Fit fabric which will lay gently over the scar tissue to gently massage, apply some light compression and help with the healing process.

Anita compression bra with pockets after ablatio in nude

These specialist products are further evidence of the commitment Anita Care has towards its customers. No stone will remain unturned, no avenue unexplored in pursuit of the very best technology available as Anita strive to provide their customer with the best level of aftercare possible. For more information please contact Anita using the information on the website.

  1. Kari Seivert, OTR/L, CLT-LANA says:

    I am a lymphedema therapist in Des Moines Iowa. I work with 3 other certified therapist that our solely dedicated to treating lymphedema patients. We attended the National Lymphedema Conference in Dallas in 2016 and received information on your Lymph O Fit products. We have a collection from all the vendors of available compression bras and arm sleeve/gauntlets. We use these when assisting our pt’s with product recommendations. I am requesting a sample of you Lymph O Fit arm sleeve/gauntlet and compression bra (large sizes) so we can represent your products to our patients. We find the lymphopad texture an intriguing concept and would like to try it out.

    Thank You

    Kari Seivert, OTR/CLT/LANA
    UnityPoint Hospital, John Stoddard Cancer Center- Lymphedema Clinic
    1221 Pleasant Street, Suite, 450
    Des Moines, IA 50021

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