If choosing the right underwear after breast surgery seems like an impossible choice then Anita Care can help you. The bra specialists have a comprehensive collection of bras and prosthesis to suit every type of breast surgery and there is a bra for all activities from the gym through to the bar.

We will imagine seven days in the life of an average post-surgery woman and show how just four bras can cover her for all occasions through the week.


The Gym – Ladies that exercised regularly before surgery will probably be keen to get back into the Gym as soon they are feeling better. Viviana Active from Anita Care is the ideal choice with pockets on both sides. The flat, pre-shaped cups and a high-cut neckline provide selective support and minimize the movement of the breast considerably.

Viviana Active

Work – We all need a day to day comfortable bra for work and other essential activities. The new Ancona special bra from Anita Care is an ideal choice. Pocketed on both sides it features an exclusive lace print on a stretch glossy fabric. You will want to buy two of these so you have one to wear and one in the wash. Fits up to an E cup.


Relaxing – a T-shirt bra is an essential addition to every woman’s bra wardrobe. Tonya is our best-selling beautifully discreet T-shirt bra with soft cups pocketed on both sides. Fitting up to an E cup it is available in black, champagne, skin and new colour Deep Taupe to remain invisible on most skin tones even under light and close fitting tops.


Going out – We all want to feel a little more special when we are going out for the evening and the Havanna special bra won’t disappoint. Sophisticated and feminine the floral stretch lace combines perfectly with the colourful tulle lining.


So there we have it ladies, four post-surgery bras that will see you through the week and take you from the Gym to the Bar. Anita Care…

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      Thank you very much for your feedback, I’m glad you liked our post. I promise to review this article asap and add the fifth must have bra 😉

      Yours, Kristina

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