For jogging or in the gym: Active people need underwear that supports, offers optimal performance – and of course that looks great. Are you looking for a new sports bra? Then you should definitely check out merino wool underwear. The material has plenty of benefits, offers top comfort and is sustainable as well. Here you will find out what there is to know about PanAlpTM wool and what makes the new Anita active underwear set so special.

Merino wool underwear all year round

One underwear set for hot days and one for cold? Completely unnecessary, because merino wool is a true all-rounder. It is heat-regulating, which means it warms you in low temperatures and keeps you nice and cool when you build up a sweat. If you are looking to buy a new sports underwear set made of merino wool, then the Anita active set should be your top choice. It is made with PanAlpTM wool, which comes from New Zealand and Australia and is sourced there in compliance with the Responsible Wool Standard (RWS). You don’t have to worry about any animal suffering for it. And: The work conditions and the management of the grazing pastures are monitored as well.

Merino-wool underwear is highly functional

Merino wool has even more benefits that can help us being active: It is breathable and therefore ensures good air circulation on the skin when things are hotting up. Any sweat is wicked away to the outside of the garment, where it quickly evaporates. The material also prevents the build-up of nasty odours and feels wonderfully soft on the skin. The smart finish of the garment doesn’t even give dirt a chance to stick. Perfect for any challenge, right?

Cool design meets ultimate comfort

The cool Anita active underwear set combines the highly functional merino wool with a show-stopping design. Blended with super lightweight mesh material, the sports bra gets top marks for its no-frills, ultra modern design. A great look with the matching high-waist briefs. A broad bridge, elastic underbust band and the length-adjustable straps of the bra ensure great comfort. All that’s left to do is to kick your inner couch potato into action!


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