Initially, cycling shorts started out for just that: sitting on a bike. In the 1980s, this nifty garment began conquering the world of fashion, becoming an essential basic for every wardrobe. They disappeared from view for a few years, only to come back with a vengeance to give casual looks a cool twist. Let’s talk about why cycle shorts are among our favourite pieces, how to style them and why they are perfect for sports.

Why we love our cycle shorts

Cycle shorts are the perfect hybrid of leggings and shorts, their cropped length making them an essential for many outfits. You can wear them under a long dress to prevent friction burns on your thighs. The soft material with a high stretch content molds itself to your body perfectly and the cycle shorts follow every movement you make. A seamless finish and bonded edges on the waist and leg ends make sure that nothing pinches. A really good choice is the new Panty long from the Anita’s Essentials collection.

How to style your new cycle shorts

You don’t have to hide your cycle shorts if you don’t want to! Make them the statement piece of your outfit with creative combinations. They can be your trouser alternative if you wear them with a print shirt and sneakers for an extra sporty look. Or you could combine them with a cool leather jacket, boots and stockings for a rock chick look. Create an eye-catching style inconsistency by wearing your cycle shorts with a lightweight blouse and long blazer. In terms of footwear, the choice is yours: Sneakers will look great and sporty. High-heeled pumps are just as good a choice.

Cycle shorts are your trusty companion for sports

Are you looking for a new sports outfit? The functional sport tights massage by Anita active are cycle shorts designed for sports activity. They are made of a high-tech structured powerware material with a smart 3D dot structure that massage the tissue and muscles gently while you move and also have a great shaping effect. The tights are moisture-regulating and wick sweat away from your skin quickly. The tights are also breathable and come with a soft waistband for extra comfort.

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