Having breast surgery doesn’t mean that your lingerie tastes suddenly change and you want to wear plain boring nude underwear that looks a bit like the bras your old nan used to hang on her washing line. Unfortunately if you don’t know where to look for pretty mastectomy bras then you might just end up with a couple of aforementioned ugly garments as you don’t feel like risking your breast-form escaping from your pre-surgery bra.


Anita Care have a fabulous range of specially pocketed post-surgical lingerie, swimwear and breast forms available to choose from, including silicon breast forms especially designed for swimming that don’t hold water and drain super easily. Whilst you can’t buy these directly from Anita.com you can browse your choices and see what you like, then look at an online stockist like www.eloise.co.uk or else use the stockist finder to find an Anita care stockist near your home.

Anyway we digress… back to lingerie. One bra we absolutely MUST show you today from Anita Care is the fabulous new Havanna available in sultry black or bridal ivory. We categorically cannot stress strongly enough how beautiful this bra looks on the wearer.  The floral stretch lace creates a stunning neckline with an enticing amount of skin showing provocatively through the lace.

It looks fabulous. Pocketed on both sides it will securely and discreetly hold a breast form (prosthesis) firmly in place and give you back the curves and confidence that you had pre-surgery It comes with a vintage-inspired ultra-feminine high waist brief that has the same gorgeous lace panels in the sides and is available in sizes A through E cup. If you only choose one new bra this month choose Havanna!

So ladies, as we said at the outset, there’s no need to be stuck with boring ugly lingerie after surgery and these are just a small taster of what Anita Care have to offer.  Why not browse the collection at www.anita.com and treat yourself to a super new bra this spring  😉



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