Marathons are very popular races in Europe where every year millions of runners compete to raise awareness and money for charities and good causes and to push themselves to the peak of their physical endurance.

The Virgin London Marathon, held this year on April 23rd is 26.2 miles long and winds its way around the streets of London lined with cheering spectators and well-wishers all hoping for a glimpse of their runners but there are many other marathons and races run throughout the year.  Apps like ‘Couch to 5K’ are also very popular where runners of low fitness levels are encouraged to run distances of increasing lengths over a period of weeks ending up at 5K.

If you are training or entering a marathon then you will want to pay careful attention to your training plans, your kit and footwear to ensure that you are ready for, as well as, comfortable and correctly supported throughout this challenging, sometimes grueling event.

The official London Marathon website has some great tips and training advice to get you started but you might choose to use a personal trainer to help you pace yourself or perhaps arrange to train with a friend as well.

If you are a female, you will also want to make sure that you have a properly fitted sports bra, probably more than one, to use whilst training and competing in the marathon. Running without proper breast support risks irreversible damage to the delicate breast tissue due to the movement of the breasts during the run. This applies to any other sport activity as well.

Anita Active have a wide range of sports bras that you can choose from, several of which are perfect for high impact sports like running which require a properly fitting firm support sports bra.

Momentum Sports bra

Extreme Control or Momentum by Anita Active are both excellent examples of sports bras for anyone training for a marathon.  Anita Active sports bras are highly supportive with superb fit especially designed with soft, seam free towelling lining inside their bras to prevent chafing and to help with sweat management – This really helps to prevent sore nipples (otherwise known as joggers nipple!!) which are incredibly painful if you are unfortunate enough to have suffered with them before. Both bras are extremely easy to put on and take off again as they have a simple closure hook and eye system at the back similar to a regular bra. Both bras are available in black or white or with a pop of colour in the fashion style which changes every season.

Extreme control sports bra

Whether you are running couch to 5K, a marathon, a half marathon or simply running for fun and fitness Anita active are there to support you on your journey.

Use the stockist finder on our site to find a stockist near you and you can make sure that you are correctly fitted.


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