A baby will put your entire world on its head. All of a sudden, there is this tiny human, who needs all your attention and love. You need to grow into this new role, restructure your entire day, and set completely new priorities. You can easily loose sight of what your own needs are – especially in the beginning. But don’t worry: All you need are a few tips to help you back to your old self and feeling super attractive as a mum.


Put time aside for yourself

A baby is happy if it has a happy mum. That is why you need to plan some time here and there for you to concentrate on your own well-being. It really doesn’t have to be a full spa day. Just 15 minutes for a soothing face mask, or an hour for the new hairdresser you wanted to try, are important self-care moments. Don’t forget about your daily beauty regime with day cream, serum, and everything else, and treat yourself to a regular visit to the massage parlour, beauty studio, yoga or a spa break with a friend.

Be parents – but remain lovers

Sure, you can’t leave your little sweetheart alone. But you can look for the support you need to replenish your energy. Ask your partner to look after the baby when you need some time for yourself. And your couple time is also an important factor not to be forgotten about. After all: you aren’t just parents now, you are still lovers. Maybe you can ask a family member, a friend or a nice neighbour to look after your baby, while the two of you go out for dinner – with you wearing a pretty dress and some gorgeous lingerie.


Comfortable can be stylish too

It doesn’t matter if you are pregnant or your baby has already arrived: There is no need to look grungy! There is plenty of fashion and lingerie available for pregnant women and new mums that perfectly combine style and function. The Anita maternity collection offers sexy nursing bras with plenty of lace in modern colours that are amazingly comfortable as well. The matching briefs feel wonderful on the skin and come with seductive little details.

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