Finally sunshine is back and it is getting warmer again – high time to put on those sports shoes and moving our workouts outdoors! After we spent the winter in stale smelling fitness studios or in the living room, we can finally enjoy outdoor sports once again. We’ll explain, why sports activities out in the open are not just good for the body, but for the soul as well. And you’ll find out, which outfit is perfect for activities out in nature.


The benefits of outdoor sports

Outdoor sports offer plenty of benefits for body and mind: You stay fit, and your body gets all the oxygen and fresh air it needs. At the same time, you boost your immune system and give it the strength it needs to protect you against common colds in autumn and winter. Sunshine also boosts you mood, as your body releases endorphins and serotonin. Plus, your body get to fill up on vitamin D and gets rid of the blues of everyday life. When you set aside some time for exercising between work and household chores, you also boost your self-esteem, feel pride in your achievements and give yourself a nice little motivational push for the next workout. After a long day at the home office, it feels really good to get out and clear your head, while also creating some distance between your personal and professional lives.

Perfect for getting started

Sports have never been a particularly important part of your life? Don’t worry! Nobody expects you to climb a mountain or race down some ravines at breakneck speeds on a mountainbike. Outdoor sports are a great way for anyone to get started with exercising: You could get started with a little jog around a nearby park, or just move your yoga session out there into the sunshine. A little trek or just a long walk will soon make positive changes in the way you feel and think. Once you start looking forward to your daily outdoor exercise, you might think about choosing a longer route for your jog, or maybe even try out some other types of sports.

The right sportswear for active times

You will need the right clothing to feel great while exercising outdoors. Anita active offers a whole range of modern and functional sportswear that will help you achieve your goals. Choose high-quality leggings (sport tights massage) with moisture-regulating fabric for excellent comfort. A matching Anita sports bra will give big and small breasts the support they need and protect them during light, as well as strenuous exercise. Breathable materials offer an additional comfort upgrade when things get sweaty. My tip: Combine the outfit with sports briefs.

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