Rejoice, ladies! It’s time to celebrate being such strong, powerful individuals. With all the unique inspiring holidays for women – many of which you have never heard of – there’s no better time to pull out your balloons, wine glasses, and party hats. It’s time for a party!

Here are some of the best, most unique and inspiring holidays for women to celebrate.

1. Women’s History Month: March

Forget about celebrating for a mere 24 hours. We all know women deserve way more than one day to celebrate how far we’ve come from the days where women couldn’t even vote. So, let March be the month where you celebrate the wonders of women! If you can’t party all month long, dedicate your celebrations to March 8th, International Women’s Day.

2. National Wine Day: May 25th

Pull out your extra large wine classes, call the lovely ladies in your life and crack open a bottle – or two. Head to a winery to enjoy a tour, host a wine-tasting party or simply enjoy the day with your loved ones. February 18th is also National Drink Wine Day, so might as well add that to your calendar as well.

3. National Sister’s Day: August 6th

Call your sister or your girlfriends who are like sisters and celebrate this awesome holiday on August 6th. It’s an unofficial holiday that honors the unique bond shared between sisters and since it falls in the middle of summer, it’s the perfect holiday for a girl’s trip to the beach!

4. Women’s Equality Day: August 26th

Women deserve to earn just as much as women; women deserve to be seen as equals and to be treated as such. So, mark August 26th on your calendar and celebrate Women’s Equality Day. It’s time to put an end to earning 79 cents for the same job a man’s earning $1 for!

5. National Women’s Friendship Day: September 17th

If it weren’t for the friendships women have, life would be tough. It’s the women in our lives that keep us going, and there deserves to be a day to celebrate the unique bond women share. And alas, there is! September 17th is National Women’s Friendship Day.

6. Business Women’s Day: September 22

This unique holiday for women dates back to the late 1940s when women were able (and encouraged) to leave the house and enter the workforce. It’s a time that marks women’s independence as they broke out of the traditional roles in the home.

7. Breast Cancer Awareness Month: October

While men can certainly develop breast cancer, it’s more commonly seen in women. But as every woman knows, we are strong enough to overcome the terrible disease that is cancer. So, make October the month to channel your inner strength while empowering other women! We got this.

8. National No Bra Day: October 13th

With the ‘free the nipple movement’, a National No Bra Day is a must. While it’s important to wear a structured bra that supports your breasts on regular basis, one day can’t hurt!

9. Men Make Dinner Day: First Thursday in November

It’s time to kick up your feet and relax when you get home from work on the First Thursday in November because it’s Men Make Dinner Day. If you’re used to cooking up a storm for the family, this is one holiday you don’t want to miss out on.

10. Housewife Day: November 3rd

This unique holiday for women celebrates the importance of stay at home moms and wives. Since it’s no longer mandatory for women to do so, and is much more of a choice today, it’s a day worth celebrating as it focuses on the caring, strong, powerful women that hold down the fort.

11. National Roof Over Your Head Day: December 3rd

Yes, there’s even a holiday for celebrating the roof over your head. December 3rd is the day to appreciate the protecting, warming and comforting elements of having a home. Not everyone in this world is as fortunate, and it’s always great to reflect on and be thankful for the roof over your head.

Women are making their mark throughout the entire year. So, celebrate these unique holidays for women and encourage the rest of your family and friends to follow en suite. Women deserve to be celebrated!

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