The New Year is officially here and with that comes plenty of bra trends for 2016 that will lift your bosoms’ spirits’ up! Updating your bras to fit the new trends isn’t just about stocking up on more undergarments. It’s all about functional fashion! The bra trends for 2016 are something to get excited about that will perk up more than just your breasts!

Momentum Sports Bra, Maximum Support

Sporty is Sexy
Since when are sports bras considered sexy? I know what you’re thinking, but times have changed and sports bras have really taken on a new twist within the undergarment industry. Forget those styles with no cups that suck your breasts down with what seems like a giant elastic. Sports bras now incorporate all kinds of fabrics, styles and colors to keep you looking fresh while working up a sweat. The athletic inspiration has also expanded into the styles of every day bras. One of the bra trends for 2016 is all about styles that incorporate mesh, fishnet or other sexy materials into a design that also has the comfort of a sports bras, thanks to soft-cups, racer-backs, and adjustable straps. So, it’s official. You can get comfort and fashion all in one bra, while also enhancing your stunning silhouette.

Abby Underwire Bra

Give a Peek
There once was a time where showing your bra was considered tacky, a fashion faux pas or promiscuous. But it seems like the bra trends for 2016 have been looking over some of the top celebrities latest look-books because giving a little peak of your beautiful and sexy undergarment can actually be an awesome accessory to your outfit. Gwen Stefani is totally getting kudos for starting this trend. As such, many bra styles are being designed for the intent of being shown – or at least, looking sexy and sophisticated if actually shown through your top. They have also been designed to be kept hidden, if that’s what you want as well. However, the hint of lace popping out from the neckline of your ensemble can add stunning personality to any outfit.  These new bra trends for 2016 are awesome for open back dresses or crochet tops! You’ll never have to go through the hassle of wondering what bra you should wear, or if you can get away without wearing one.

Safina Comfort Soft Bra

Better Fit, Less Padding
Many women and retailers are trading in those super padded push-up bras for a more natural and tailored style. With the rise in women wanting the best for their breasts, many are shopping bra styles that are meant to last – and that are comfortable. As such, high quality bras are being highly sought after, and many brands are catering to this trend. Since bras are such an important element to your wardrobe, they should be luxurious, yet functional and comfortable all at the same time. So, many intense push-ups, super padded and even molded cups are taking a backseat within the lingerie industry. T-Shirt bras, no-slip straps, adjustable and interchangeable straps as well as other comfortable styles that are designed for every day wear are definitely at the top of the trend list. Sheer mesh is also a popular choice of fabric as it’s lightweight and will make you feel like you’re wearing nothing at all.

Anita is a luxurious undergarment retailer that places importance on craftsmanship, quality, style and comfort of every bra that is released within their collection. These bra trends for 2016 can be well seen throughout the Anita brand, and you’ll definitely want to get your bosoms in them!


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