Big boobs deserve beautiful bras too! However, not all bras are created equally and sometimes opting for style can jeopardize the much-needed support large busts need. The good news is that the Anita Collection has everything you want, whether it’s all the style, support, life, push – you name it, all in one style, or a little bit of this and a little bit of that. So, whatever your boobs (and fashion obsession) desire, you can find it in these top 5 types of bras that every large bust deserves.

Underwire Bra

There’s this common misconception that underwire bras don’t work with large busts. However, this couldn’t be anymore untrue. It all just comes down to the quality of the brand you’re wearing. So always place importance on quality, and you’ll experience maximum support and structure without jeopardizing your comfort.

Soft Comfort Bra

You can consider this bra to be like a tub of ice cream for those days where you just want some added comfort.  Large cup soft comfort bras are an absolute must for large busts because they’ve been designed with women like you in mind. The three-section cups were built to provide optimal support, style and even a slimming effect. How’s that for amazing?

Selma Underwire Bra Spacer Cup

Spacer Bra

Every lady needs a spacer bra in their life, especially if you have a large bust. There’s no denying that having big boobs is like having your very own personal heater planted on the front of you. In other words, big boobs are hot… Literally. The spacer bras are excellent because they’re made with breathable fabric, which instantly increases your comfort levels. They’re also excellent for adding flawless shape!




Momentum Sports Bra, Maximum Support

Maximum Support Sports Bra

As the saying goes, regular exercise is important. Even if you’re going for a 5-minute walk, not wearing a supportive sports bra when you have a large bust can be exceptionally uncomfortable. Don’t let your bra drag you down and opt for a Maximum Support Sports Bra. They’re double-layered to help minimize bust movement, without squeezing you in. These bras are also light and airy, which is always a huge bonus.





Twin Underwire Bra

Seamless Bra

Every lady with a large bust needs a good, seamless bra. They’re the kind of bra that you can always rely on. They can be worn with basically everything, and you’ll definitely want to wear your seamless bras with everything because they’re so comfortable! It’s the perfect bra for every day.




As you can see, a large bust doesn’t mean that you have limited bra styles to shop! These five must have bras for the ladies with large boobs is only a small selection of the Anita Collection that is ready to bring comfort, style and support into your wardrobe.


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