As the warmer weather takes over, many of us will find ourselves scrambling through our swimwear drawer eager to get to the nearest body of water. However, not so quick, ladies. Like most things in life, proper fit is key to enjoying the warm weather – and your swimwear. There’s nothing worse than an ill-fitting swimsuit. So, put your swimwear to the test and see they still fit!

What are the signs of an ill-fitting swimsuit?

Saggy Bikini Bottom

The key to feeling great in swimwear is confidence. A saggy bottom that looks like you didn’t make it to the bathroom in time is a sure-fire way to kill your poolside vibes. The backside of bathing suits are often the first to go, as the fabric gets rubbed on all kinds of surfaces. So, take a look at your behind. If your bathing suit bottoms aren’t well fitting, it’s time to toss.

Falling Straps

Falling straps on a bathing suit aren’t only annoying; they can have you falling out of your cup size every time you come up for air. So, if the straps aren’t staying up no matter how many times you readjust them, the fabric is likely worn and stretched beyond repair. Thus, a shopping trip is in need.

Digging Straps

On the opposite side of the spectrum, you may have bathing suit straps that dig into your shoulders. While these won’t necessarily make you fall out, they can make you bulge out in all the places you don’t want. That’s also not to mention that straps digging into your shoulders is never a good combination for comfort. So, achieve a flawless silhouette and increase your comfort with a new swimsuit that fits.

Showing Too Much

If what once was a full bottom bikini is now a cheeky thong, it could be time to retire it. While some bathing suits are certainly more revealing, a revealing style that wasn’t designed to be revealing will almost always result in discomfort. If you want cheeky bikini bottoms, shop that style of swimwear.

Too Tight

Bathing suits are notorious for causing wedgies but it shouldn’t be a regular occurrence. If you find yourself constantly picking at the back of your swimwear, chances are the bottoms no longer fit. Trade them in for bathing suit bottoms in your size and you’ll be surprised at how amazing it feels to strut along the shore without your cheeks popping out.

Under and Side Boob

#SideBoob. There was once a time on Instagram when #underboob and #sideboob was a thing, but if your bathing suit wasn’t supposed to follow that trend and still is showing sider or underboob then you’re likely wearing the wrong size. A bikini top that is too small will pull up, revealing the bottoms of your breasts, whereas a bikini top with too small of a cup size will reveal the sides. Again, this often comes with discomfort. So, if this is the style of swimwear you want, there are many designs for you to shop – and ones that feel as great as they fit.

While it may be time to retire our favorite bathing suit, there’s nothing better than a shopping spree! The swimwear trends for 2018 won’t let you down. Your old bathing suits are about to be yesterday’s news.




  1. I completely agree! Nothing is worse than discomfort while wearing bikinis. The other part for me is the function of the bikini. While of course I want to look amazing in my suit, I also don’t want the suit to keep falling off when I’m paddleboarding or adventuring around the beach. I’ve been pretty happy with my bikini ( Made by Tai Swim, called the Tyler top) I picked up in a small beach shop on Oahu.

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