Memorial Day is right around the corner, marking the start of a season full of fun in the sun. But not so quick, ladies. As much as we love the summer season and all the sunny rays and vibes it brings, there are some things you need to remember to ensure many more summers to come. We’ve collected our top 10 tips for enjoying the summer season – the healthy way.

#1 Don’t Forget The SPF

The first rule to enjoying the summer season is to lather up on the sunscreen. Too much fun in the sun without ample protection can lead to early aging, skin blemishes, eye injuries, a lowered immune system and can even lead to skin cancer. Even on the cloudiest of days, the intense UV rays can penetrate through the sky, leaving your health susceptible to damage. So, lather up ladies.

It’s recommended to use no less than a 30 SPF sunscreen lotion to ensure optimal protection against the harmful UV rays, and of course, don’t forget your hat and hydration.

#2 Wear a Bathing Suit That Makes You Feel Great

The summer season only comes around once a year and you deserve to feel great as you frolic on the sandy shores. While it’s easy to go out and grab just any ole’ swimsuit, choosing the right bathing suit that makes you feel great will make all of the difference for the whole season long. Life is short, so enjoy it with confidence.

As a bonus, when you invest in a quality bathing suit that makes you feel like the best version of yourself, you can keep wearing it year-after-year because it’s made with the craftsmanship and quality needed to last.

#3 Get a Mani-Pedi and Treat Yourself

This Memorial Day weekend, treat yourself with a trip to the spa. Enjoy a soothing soak and some vibrant polish on your fingers and toes, and show them off in a new pair of sandals. You deserve to pamper yourself from time to time, so let it be this weekend.

#4 Get Active Because YOU Want to Be The Best Version of Yourself

You can’t ever go wrong with creating a plan that allows you to cater to your health – physically, mentally, and emotionally. But here’s the thing, let’s not focus on working out to get “bikini ready”. Instead, focus on fitness because you want to be the best version of yourself.

Start by taking the time to invest in quality sports bras that make you feel good as you’re working up a sweat. The rest follows in suit.

#5 Feel Sexy At Night

From the sandy shores to the sheets, you deserve to feel sexy! When you’re ready to slip out of your bathing suit, slip into some sultry lingerie and channel your inner confidence all night long. You don’t need to wear lingerie for anyone else but yourself, and you’d be surprised at how this boosts your mental health. You will wake up feeling like an entirely new woman.

#6 Try Something New

Trying something new isn’t always an easy task but it is always a rewarding one. Through new experiences and challenges comes new opportunities and growth. So, get out of your comfort zone and try a new activity or explore a new destination this summer. Perhaps it’s a weekend away to a nearby beach with your girlfriends or spending your holidays in a different destination than what you’re used to.


Lastly, call your friends and family members – even the ones you haven’t seen in a long time. Spend your summer season, starting with Memorial Day weekend, with everyone who has contributed to the amazing life you have and the person you are today.


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