adjustable bra straps

Whether you’re a triathlete, a yoga enthusiast, or have just started running, you need a supportive sports bra that will allow you to be comfortable no matter the activity. Not every sports bra is built the same, however. They come in different styles, materials, and qualities. If you’re looking for supportive sports bras that are both comfortable and stylish, we have a few excellent suggestions for you here!

Qualities to Look For in Supportive Sports Bras

Not every brand is equal when it comes to sports bras. You need to find a company that truly cares about women’s comfort and performance. Here at Anita Active, we specialize in activewear made specifically for women of body types, ranging in sizes and styles because we know everyone is different when it comes to their shape, activities, and aesthetics.

Our sports bras all have adjustable bra straps. This ensures that the sports bra can be customized for your specific support and comfort level. You can avoid straps digging into your skin or loose areas around your breasts. After months of wearing, straps can lose elasticity and it’s great to be able to adjust the bra straps to keep them effective for longer. Our flat adjustable sliders on the strap are designed to stay put without having to readjust.

All of our Sports Bras come in cup and band sizes. You’ve probably noticed that some other brands just come in alpha sizes, i.e. small, medium, and large. Going for a brand with cup and band sizes ensures a much more personalized fit. We allow women to pick the cup and band size, making sure it fits as accurately as possible.

You also want to get a sports bra that’s made with breathable material that will help you to avoid rashes and chafing. The sports bra should have a sweat management system like our soft micro terry wicking fabric that lines the inside of many of our sports bras and provides quick drying.

Best Supportive Sports Bras For You

Once you know what to look for in a sports bra, it’s time to pick the right one for you. Here are some of the best sports bra styles that we offer in a range of sizes for every body and activity.

adjustable bra straps

Air Control DeltaPad #5544

Our Air Control DeltaPad Sports Bra is all about functionality and style, ensuring maximum support for the most active women out there. Our patented sewn in DeltaPads combined with ultralight mesh fabric and power mesh lining for optimal air circulation will keep you cool and eager to keep going. This is the perfect sports bra for women that want moisture management and sweat control. This sports bra  ranges from cup sizes AA to H, making it perfect for women with any sized breasts.

Extreme Control #5527

Our EXTREME CONTROL style is for high impact sports, with three-section cups and a wrap-around side sling for maximum support. It’s made of highly functional, breathable fabric for quick moisture absorption and our soft micro terry wicking fabric inside the cups. The seamless inside lining avoids chafing. The straps are ergonomically shaped and have padding to prevent discomfort. There is also a soft microfiber underbust band that contours to your body and provides maximum support during every activity.

adjustable bra straps

Extreme Control PLUS #5567

If you have bigger breasts, this sports bra was made specifically for larger cup sizes up to a K cup. It has five-parted cups for an exacting fit, complete encapsulation, and maximum support, keeping your breasts in place during tough workouts. You won’t feel soggy or sticky in this sports bra because its soft micro terry lining efficiently transports moisture for quick drying to control sweating and avoid chafing. Our unique double straps are designed for added strength and support with the ergonomically shaped and padded under strap preventing shoulder and neck discomfort.

Light & Firm #5521

This Light and Firm Sports Bra will feel like a second skin while you’re exercising. The pre-shaped cups are made of extra soft microfiber to fit your breast shape. The lightweight fabric is breathable yet firm, keeping you dry and feeling protected during light to medium-impact workouts.

adjustable bra straps

Momentum #5529

The Momentum Sports Bra is for women doing intense workouts. This is a sports bra for high impact sports, with sweat management fabrics, pre-shaped seamless cups, and high-cut panels for extra support. Our ergonomically shaped straps are cushioned for comfort and adjustable for a personalized fit  and will keep you feeling comfortable during even the most extreme sports. The open weave of our stretch power mesh rapidly dissipates body moisture for a cooler and drier feel making this sports bra highly breathable.

Frontline Open #5523

With a sporty front closure, this unique sports bra is great for quick changing when you have to get ready for the gym fast. This bra is all about functionality. It has pre-shaped cups for powerful support and is made of f cotton microfiber blend for extreme breathability. The straps are fully adjustable and have a Velcro-style fastener for extra comfort.

Dynamix Star #5537

This sports bra style has a racerback design that makes it efficient and comfortable. It’s often worn for running, horseback riding, and tennis, among other activities. This sports bra stands apart thanks to its comfortable front-adjustable straps that alleviate neck stress. It has additional support on the back as well. The exclusive design has non-stretch pique fabric for enhanced ventilation and  our soft micro terry lining provides quick drying and sweat management. The cups are pre-formed and double-layered for extra support.

Air Control #5533

This ultra-lightweight sports bra almost feels like you’re wearing nothing while still providing excellent support for medium impact activities. From pilates to yoga to hiking, this is the perfect sports bra bra. The cups are seamlessly shaped and double-layered and the fabric is a breathable microfiber mesh. The straps are ergonomically positioned towards the center of the back for enhanced support during all your movements.

About Anita

Family owned, with over 135 years of experience, Anita has become one of the world’s leading German heritage lingerie and sports bra brands.

Our products are often featured in specialty shops, boutiques and active lifestyle stores across the country. We have become known for bras with an exact fit and incredible comfort, making them some of the most supportive sports bras in the world. Every design is created with functionality and comfort in mind, which is part of what makes us the go-to choice for so many women.

Some of the most unique features of our sports bras are their accurate fit. All styles and sizes have multiple rows of hooks to allow you to easily adapt for the perfect fit. The straps are also innovative with an ergonomic shape and additional padding that adds shoulder, neck, and back support during even the most intense workouts.

We care about women as individuals, creating specialized sports bras, swimwear, maternity bras, and mastectomy bras that cater to a diverse array of body types. Everyone deserves to feel beautiful, supported, and ready to take on any challenge. Whether it’s a work presentation or taking on your first marathon, Anita is here for you!

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