What is the Difference Between an Overbust and Underbust Corset?

You’ve probably heard the terms overbust and underbust when shopping for new corsets. What’s even more likely is that you had no idea what each meant, the differences and more importantly, what each style does for your bust. Don’t worry! You’re not alone. There are tons of women that have no idea what all those fancy bra terms mean. With a little bit of information though, you can figure out the power, lift, structure and shape that is hidden within every style. Here are the major differences between an overbust and underbust corset style that can help you decide which style is best for your breasts.

Underbust Goes Under the Bust

Just as the name reads, underbust corsets go under the bust. They are designed to cover the waist and hips, instead of the breasts. Many celebrities, such as the Kardashian and Jenner clan are using these kinds of corsets to get a desirable silhouette. However, they typically wear styles that actually reshape your body (pull in your ribs for an eternity), as opposed to shaping your body while wearing the corset – to each their own. However, whatever your reason is for shopping underbust corsets, you can expect a stunning silhouette that can truly take your shape to the next level of fashionable. But that’s not the only reason these styles are so highly desirable. They also give you an abundance of back support, which makes them perfect for women with larger busts. They’re also just as amazing for women with smaller breasts, as they cinch in the waist, drawing more attention to the bust area.

They also come in different styles, and underbust bras are definitely one of the best. Since they are bras, they do cover your breasts, which is different from the corset styles. The band that goes around your body is highly structure and sometimes even longer to emphasize (or correct) your shape, which is different from standard bras. It’s like a combination of a bra and a corset, and as such, they also come with or without straps.

Overbust Bras Goes Over the Bust

Yup! You guessed it – overbust goes over the bust, but the differences go well beyond that. Overbust corsets shape more than just your waist since they cover you from under the arms down and right down to your hips. There’s also an awesome amount of breast and back support, and for the fashionable ladies out there, these styles come with an array of beautiful necklines to suit your entire wardrobe. Bust corsets and bras can have a sweetheart neckline, can be cut straight across, and they can also have straps or none at all. Heck – they’re so stunning, people sometimes choose to wear them as a shirt – and many popular fashion brands even sell bust corsets for that sole reason.

The Big Differences – No Pun Intended

Bothoverbust and underbust corsets will give you a stunning shape, but the main difference between the two styles is the amount of support they provide and reason you’re wearing it. For example, both have amazing support for your back and busts, with underbust really taking this element to the next level.  However, bust corsets are awesome for women with larger breasts that need support and style. Since we all know wearing strapless bras with a big bust is damn near impossible, bust corset are the next best (and many even better) alternative.

In other words – underbust for ample bust and back support; overbust for a combination or support and style.

It’s as simple as that – underbust goes under the bust and overbust goes over the bust. However, not all women are the same, and as such, not all corsets are either. Underbust and overbust are two popular styles that will flatter your shape and size in the most desirable of ways, but more importantly, in different ways.


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