The Pre-Birth Bra Basics

Nursing bras; maternity bras; no bra, oh my! Who knew bras were so dang complicated? With the addition of baby brain, the pregnancy bra confusion is strong, but it doesn’t have to be. So, if this is your first time creating a little baby inside of you (congratulations!), consider this your ultimate guide when it comes to pregnancy and bras. You have the booby questions; we have the answers.

Basic Maternity Bra

Do you need a new bra during pregnancy?

Chances are, you will need a new bra during pregnancy – if not several. During these nine months, it’ll seem like your breasts take on a life of their own. They’ll change in size and shape, as they turn into a food source for the little one. Then, you also have the weight gain, expanding rib cage, hormones and all that other good stuff that change your body during pregnancy. So, there’s a very good chance you will no longer fit into your current bra styles.

But as a mom, we know that now is not the time you want to be forking out money on anything, let alone bras that will only fit you for a short period of time. So, invest in a few high quality ones and let those boobies grow comfortably.

When is it time for a new bra during pregnancy?

If your bra is getting tight, the time is right. This is one good rule to follow when determining if it’s time to start your pregnancy bra shopping. However, if you remove your bra and you have indentations where the straps and band were, your boobs are way overdue for a bigger size.

A bra should feel snug, but it shouldn’t squish your body in all the ways a body and boobies should never be squished. So, if it feels like it’s time – it likely is.

Miss Anita Nursing Bra Spacer Cups

Do I need regular, maternity or nursing bras?

There’s no denying the many benefits that come with having a maternity or nursing bra but ultimately, it comes down to preference. If you don’t plan on breast-feeding and have a smaller bust in general, you may want to stick with the regular bras you know so well.

But then, there are also maternity bras, which are like super-powered versions of regular bras. They’re designed to give you that extra support your ever-growing breasts need during pregnancy. Extra cushion, extra support, extra softness – you name it. Generally, if you have a larger bust, you want to spend the extra bucks and invest in some good maternity bras.

Nursing bras are like maternity bras with a silver lining (no pun intended). These styles have panels or clasps that free the nipple for feeding, so if you plan on breastfeeding, you’ll definitely want to grab a few of these.  As soon as that baby comes along, you’ll notice that the quicker you can get that boob out, the better. Screaming babies aren’t fun – especially at 5 in the morning.

Invest in your breasts, ladies. You’ll appreciate having that extra comfort, support and convenience.


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