As women, we tend to underestimate the power of the bra. Most of the times, we can’t wait to get them off of our body. But bras shouldn’t be a hassle. That is, if we are wearing the right ones. When the appropriate style of bra is worn, you’ll be amazed at the comfort and level of support you receive. Since breast tissue has no muscle, once it sags it won’t go back; all the more reason to learn the best bra selections for tri-athletes. All that bouncing can take a toll without proper support. However, since there are no change rooms in transition, you may be confused as to where to start bra shopping. Consider this the ultimate guide for everything you need as a female tri-athlete.

What Bras Are Best for Tri-Athletes?

Air Control Deltapad Maximum Support Sports Bra

Whether small or large busted, every female tri-athlete needs a sports bra that has separate cups to get that well needed support. You may want to avoid padded cups for your sports bras as the extra fabric can hold in the sweat, but separate cups nonetheless. Larger breast sizes will benefit from having thicker shoulder straps to reduce the digging and weight put on your shoulders. Bras that use breathable fabrics are always a bonus that will keep your skin clear and fabric clean of that inevitable sweat.

However, whatever you choose, be sure to steer clear of those compressed styles that push down your breasts. These are damaging to the tissue, as well as your comfort and support. You need a bra that holds your breasts up throughout the race, as opposed to restricting them in all the wrong ways.

How Should The Bra Fit?

Dynamix Star Sports Bra Racerback, Maximum Support

Comfort is a key component to completing that tri-athlon. With a bra digging into your side, chafing your shoulders and not providing a sufficient amount of support, it’ll take a toll. Your sports bra should feel firmer than your every-day bra. However, it shouldn’t be so tight that you feel sucked in. The elasticity of the fabric can play a huge part in the way your bra fits, so place importance on this and you’ll be able to move and breathe freely throughout the race. The bottom band shouldn’t be horizontal all the way around. If you find that it’s riding up your back, it’s the wrong size or the straps are too tight. Learn how to properly measure your breast size, so you can then find the appropriate fit.


Performance Sports bra, Maximum Support


How To Care For Sports Bras?

This is an excellent question. Since you’ll likely be investing in a high quality bra for your tri-athlon (which is highly recommended), you want to take care of it properly to ensure that it can be a winner time and time again. With all the eco-friendly detergents and washing machines available, you should definitely take advantage of them. High temperatures can break down the elasticity of your sports bras, making them pretty unpractical. So, wash at a low temperature and lay flat to dry or toss over a drying rack. Never tumble dry them or hang them from their straps as this will also damage the fabric.

You can be one step ahead of the other tri-athletes with the proper bra. Completing the three challenges of a triathlon will be much easier with the appropriate support and comfort, which can all be found in high quality sports bras. Place importance on the fit, fabric and style of the bra you choose, and you’ll be crossing that finish line in no time. Check out for the latest in sports bras



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