Just because it’s winter doesn’t mean that you can’t look forward to the swimwear trends for 2018. There’s actually no better time to check out the trends because ’tis the season for winter getaways! That’s also not to mention that checking out the swimwear trends for 2018 can be the ultimate solution for fighting off the winter blues. There is nothing better than some sand-frolicking worthy fashion to get you excited for what the future holds past those snowy days. So get excited, and get beach ready with the new swimwear trends for the new year.

One Piece Swimsuits
There was once a time where one-piece swimsuits were for children and grannies, but those days are far behind us. For a couple of years now, fashion designers have come out with stunning one-piece swimsuits that can be sexier than bikinis. They also make you feel great in your own skin, and can even conquer any bloating on those kind of days. Many swimwear styles for 2018 have majorly plunging necklines, Pocahontas-inspired fringe, ruffles and cut-outs to keep that sexiness prominent.

Cut-Out Galore
Cut-outs aren’t only trending for one piece swimsuits. All styles of swimwear for 2016 are missing some fabric in carefully placed areas. From slashes and holes to shapes and crisscrosses, cut-out swimsuits are perfect for showing off your fashionable flair while still receiving ample support. You’ll even get some sexy tan lines in unique places!

High Waist Bikini Bottoms
It’s time to channel your inner 50’s diva, because high waist bikini bottoms are back with a vengeance. Showing less can be just as sexy as some of the more scandalous swimsuits. The styles are incredibly flattery for all shapes and sizes of women, and are both flirty and fun, and incredibly feminine. Furthermore, basically anything retro-inspired is a huge swimwear trend for 2018. Strut swimsuits with brighter colors, coquette styles and sheer inserts on the shore this summer season.

Pretty in Prints
It’s time to be a little bit bold and daring with your swimwear because prints are the ultimate way to a statement within your beachwear. Everything from stripes to wild animal prints, graphics and printed photos are a definite must for the upcoming season. However, if prints really aren’t your thing, colorful swimsuits are going to be trending in 2018.

Less is Best
One of the most original swimwear trends for 2018 is the addition of fabric. Swimsuits have been strutting down runways with all kinds of long sleeves and high necks. While this trend may seem unworthy for the ladies that want to fight off the tan lines, the fashion that they provide is definitely something you don’t want to skip over.

The swimwear trends for 2018 definitely get vaster than this, but these are some of the most popular styles that you won’t want to miss out on. So, whether you’re prepping for a winter getaway or getting ready for the new year, these are all swimsuits that you need to slip into! Making a statement on the shore will be easy with these unique styles. Check out anita.com to shop some of these trendy new swimwear pieces.

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