Bring it on, Black Friday. You’re ready to take your shopping aspirations to entirely new levels, and with these tips for snagging the best bras on Black Friday, you’re going to look amazing while doing so! Here’s everything you need to know about shopping for luxury bras on Black Friday.

Get in our social circle

The first rule to shopping on Black Friday is to get on your social media accounts and follow your favorite brands. This gives you the chance to be one of the very first people to find out about new deals and promotions. So, check out Anita’s Instagram, tweet Anita on Twitter and check out our Facebook page. Entering our social circle gives you a one up on Black Friday Deals, and any promotions we host throughout the year.

Know your bra size ahead of time

Black Friday is a zoo. People are running in all directions desperate to snag some savings, he lines are out the door, the aisles are jam-packed and don’t even think about trying to get in a change room unless you want to waste your day away. The good news is, you don’t have to wait in line at the change rooms if you already know your bra cup size. So, measure up and be prepared so you can walk right into your favorite lingerie stores and buy the styles you like, hassle-free.

Go big or go home

The best way to take full advantage of Black Friday deals is to go big or go home. Small accessories can wait for another day because they’re more affordable and tend to go on sale more often than larger items. So, focus on shopping the more expensive products in order to receive the best discounts. After all, saving 25% on a large cup size bra that is regularly $100 is much better than saving 25% on a $3 lip gloss.

Stay on budget

With the prior mentioned, it’s important to set a budget for your Black Friday shopping and stick to it. There’s no denying that the deals are exceptionally tempted. The mall on Black Friday is like the casino every other day of the day; you’re willing to spend a lot to win more. However, plan ahead and find the best Black Friday deals, delegate a budget for your shopping endeavor and when your funds are gone, call it a day. Any savings are better than none, and it’s even better when you have savings in your shopping bags and in your bank account.

If entering the battlefields of Black Friday shopping centers doesn’t sound like a good time to you, but you still want to snag some deals, there’s always online shopping. Anita Collection is offering 25% off our entire site during Black Friday. So you can get the best bras and discounts without ever having to leave your home.


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