Yes, this bra blog did start off with a pun, but the statement is actually very true. When you have a larger bust, you simply can’t opt for low-end bras that have absolutely no consideration put into the design. What good is a regular sports bra going to do if the fabric doesn’t stretch to go over your head? It’s basically going to be a bra that is either returned, or never worn – and bras can be expensive, so don’t waste the money.  Today, we are going to give you all the consideration the large busts deserve. Here are the top bra features to look for next time you’re on a bra shopping expedition.

Extreme Control Plus Big cup sports bra

Adjustable Straps

Boobs change all the time! They’re like the most unpredictable things in the world. They go up and down in size like a dang roller coaster. So, you need sports bras that can adjust to your preference, comfort and your boobies’ sporadic changes. Small busts can get away with this because there is less to be changed in regards to size, but with large boobs, the simplest thing can throw you off balance. True story.

Nursing Straps

Even if you aren’t nursing, having little clips in the front that detach the straps from the body will serve you plenty of benefits. When you’re all sweaty, you’re just as sticky, and removing a sports bra can be an exasperating experience. Being able to unclip the straps on a sports bra, as well as the back lets the fabric fall right off your body. Okay, not quite but it’s definitely much easier to get out of.

Breathable Fabric

Let’s be honest here, the larger the bust the more you sweat. Or at the very least, the more places sweat can hide and cause a stink. Again, true story! Breathable fabric is really important for bras for larger breasts for that sole purpose. You need to have room to breathe, ladies.

Padded Basic Multi-way Underwire Bra

Three or More Hooks

With large breasts, you need added support. Some flimsy sports bra with 2 hooks won’t do justice. Since your sports bra should have a wider band to hold up those puppies, it only makes sense for it to have more hooks. With only 2, even if placed right in the center of the band, everything would be “off”.  Always look for Three or more hooks for some well-needed support.

Cups, Not Compressed

This bra tip is important for any bra-wearer, whether an A or GG. Your sports bras shouldn’t be holding down your breasts like a bull in a china shop. They should be embracing your shape and cup size, and lifting them accordingly. So, stay away from those styles that feel like you have a tensor bandage (or duct tape) tightly wrapped around them. Talk about uncomfortable, unpractical and unsupportive!

Breasts are complicated. Buying the best sports bras for large breasts can be even more so. But with these hefty tips (yet another pun we just couldn’t leave out), you’ll be shopping your way to superior comfort and support.

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