plus-size woman's lingerie

Any woman’s confidence can benefit from a new set of beautiful lingerie, but it can be difficult to find pieces that fit just right.

Additionally, there is the issue of functionality, especially for fuller-figured ladies who want more support than thin, silky lingerie can provide.

We’ve compiled some helpful guidelines for plus-size women shopping for lingerie. Never forget that every woman is stunning and deserves to be able to wear beautiful lingerie regardless of her body type. Read on for some pointers on how to shop for lingerie and what to look for in high-quality pieces.

Correct Sizing Is Crucial

Finding well-fitting plus-size woman’s lingerie is easy if you know your body type and measurements. Until you find a bra that fits you well, you shouldn’t worry about the rest of your ensemble, as this is the most important item.

plus-size woman's lingerie

Curvy women often feel pressured to “size up” in order to hide what are perceived as their imperfections, yet doing so often results in an unflattering look that only masks your best features. It’s important to accept and embrace your curves!

A piece of lingerie that fits you just right will accentuate your best features while hiding the ones you’d prefer not to draw attention to.

For example, comfort and elegance are yours for the taking with our lovely, sensual FLEUR Lace Bra. It comes in sizes up to a J cup and features shape-enhancing underwires.

We believe in lingerie that’s actually comfortable, that a woman can wear every day, so our pieces are designed with this in mind.

Always Look for Bras with Great Support

Some important things to consider when shopping for bras:

When women complain of bra-related back or shoulder pain, a common reaction is to get a different size. It’s usually because the bra is too big and isn’t pressing the cups tightly enough against the wearer’s chest.

The straps may slip off your shoulders or the back may rise up if your breasts are too heavy for your bra.

You may wish to adjust the band of your bra if the rear of it is higher than the front. You might try on different bras with longer or wider bands if you find that your current one is too tight and causes digging or rolling.

Additionally, keep in mind that the band, and not the straps, should be providing the necessary support. The straps may need to be adjusted if they are digging into your shoulders, and if it doesn’t work, you may need to try a larger cup size and a smaller band size.

Typically, the chest and back of a curvy woman are wider. For optimal ease and support, a wide padded strap and a bra with wider sides is the best option.

The same holds true with thongs, briefs, and other kinds of panties. For regular use, a pair with wider sides is preferable, since they will offer additional support to the hips and lower back.

Our TWIN – Wireless Soft Bra is the bra that makes it possible to forget you’re wearing one while providing the lightweight, second-skin support you need when doing housework, lounging on the couch, or everything in between.

The bra is constructed from a comfortable, firm-yet-stretchy fabric that is meant to be close fitting without being constrictive.

Mood-Supportive Color Schemes

It is a myth that women with fuller figures should avoid wearing light or white colors. The attractiveness of a bra is determined by how well it fits, rather than its color.

If you like, you can go wild with prints! Stick to the general rule that your underwear should enhance rather than detract from your appearance. Being able to choose items that express how you feel while providing you the comfort and support you need is essential!

Dare To Be Bold, Dare To Be You!

Traditionally, plus-size women’s underwear, even lingerie, has trended more conservative. Now, however, is the time to disregard these norms, to take a chance on something new, and to try on some of our thoughtfully-designed plus size woman’s lingerie that is stylish yet perfectly comfy.

Women who are curvier often have a hard time telling themselves they are beautiful. You can’t help but worry about how you look in a culture obsessed with the terms “thin” and “flawless.” We’re here to help you think differently and find lingerie that will give you the right fit while also helping you to show off your curves.

Attitude is the most important factor in looking fantastic in plus-size woman’s lingerie. Feeling powerful, attractive, and in charge of your experiences is what matters.

Make sure you take a look at our entire selection of sexy underwire bras, soft bras, panties, and more that we have available here at Anita and Rosa Faia.

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