One of the biggest big boob concerns is having to style (or tame) your breasts; button up shirts will be the death of us ladies with a large bust. Jokes aside though, it isn’t always easy dressing a large cup size. It seems like everything you put on sexy, even if it’s an old, baggy sweater. Although, that’s not really a bad problem to have now is it?

It does seem like no matter what, your large bust takes center stage within your wardrobe. Some of you may love it and some of you may not. Either way, here are some awesome fashion tips on styling your big bust.

 Find Fashion that Accentuates and Doesn’t Hang

It might seem like an oxymoron, but showing off your boobs instead of trying to cover them up with loose clothing can actually do a better job at “hiding” them. Choose fashion and large cup bras that accentuate your shape, and your look will instantly look chic. Plus, drooping clothing over large busts can sometimes make it look like you have a large stomach by accident. So, show it off ladies!

Vintage is Large-Bust-Friendly

Not only can you find some true-gems in a vintage shop, but you can also find the perfect clothing to style your large bust. A lot of the trending clothing today (aside from Anita large cup bras) are designed for women with smaller breasts. So, wearing them just doesn’t always work well – or look anything close to cute.

Back in the day, clothes were created for women and their curves. They pull in, nip, cinch and accentuate in all the places you want them to. So picking up your next outfit at a vintage shop might just save the day – and your wardrobe.

 Wear the Right Bra

It may be the same shirt, but the bra you wear it with can drastically change the overall appearance of your ensemble drastically. Whether you’re wearing a dropping V-neck or a basic crew neck, the large cup size bra you wear can take your look from sexy to chic, from dreary to dramatic, from grungy to Goddess – you name it. So although people won’t be seeing your bra, it’s truly the secret to creating a fashion masterpiece.

Avoid Fabric on the Neck

With the prior mentioned, the neckline plays a major role in the appearance of your large bust. Any shirts that extend over your chest and/or up above your collarbone are instantly going to make your breasts appear much larger, while also stealing all the attention. If you want to ensure people look at you in the eyes, opt for shirts that have a V-neck or scoop-neck. At first, it might seem like you’re showing your breasts off  (because cleavage is inevitable for large busts) but covering them up can actually accentuate them much more.

The best tip for styling your big bust is to accept your body. Love it; it’s beautiful! Wear clothes that make you feel fabulous, and it’ll certain reflect well throughout your outfit – whatever that may be. You just have to be sure to always wear the right bra, which of course, is an Anita bra for large busts.




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