The holidays are here! A new decade is beginning! And there’s no better time to treat the ladies you love to luxurious bras that give them a boost in more areas than one. That’s what Anita is all about; lingerie that makes you feel good and your body feel great. So, let’s not wait any longer, here are the best last-minute gift ideas that’ll send you and your girlfriends into the New Year feeling like the confident, strong and resilient women they are.

The New Collection For The New Year

If you haven’t explored our new collection of luxury lingerie, now is the time. Within this collection, you’ll find new lingerie and activewear in sophisticated cuts and trendy colors that give you a boost of confidence and bust. Here are some of our top favourites – from underwear to luxury bras, shapewear and more.

Selma Luxury Bra For Feeling Sexy

What’s not to love about a luxury bra that makes you feel as sexy as you look! Our new Selma bra is graceful, lightweight and modern, complete with all the little details that make a bra feel great. It’s a soft bra with a spacer cup and a beautiful lace border that gives you the perfect lift, shape and sexiness. Designed with breathable fabric and pre-shaped cups, this bra is barely noticeable when wearing it. It comes in an underwire bra and no underwire bra option, with both being available in all sizes, including large bust bra sizes.

Selma Sexy Panties

Complete the luxury bra-look with a matching pair of sexy Selma panties. Whether you’re looking for a cheeky pair of panties that make the booty pop or a high waist brief for maximum comfort, the Selma parties are the perfect choice.

Mila Luxury Bra for Feminine Power

For the ladies who are looking to embrace their flirty, feminine power, our new Mila luxury bra and panty are the perfect choices. The Mila bra offers a relaxed moulded cup that features an elegant ornamental print for the ultimate modern look. It comes in an underwire bra, soft bra and an underwire bra with pre-shaped cup, giving women the power to choose the best bras for their breasts.

Mila Modern Panties

Accentuate your feminine power (and bra) with a matching pair of Mila panties, available in a thong, high-waist brief or high-waist+ brief, which raises slightly higher for a flawless silhouette. All options are made with super soft microfiber so the booty can feel as great as the bust!

Grazia Bra for Elegant Excitement

If you’re looking to gift your girlfriends or yourself with a splash of excitement, our Grazia luxury bra is the perfect choice. It comes with plenty of detail that offers feminine, elegant excitement that looks and feels great. The Grazia bra comes in two different underwire bra styles, allowing women to wear a bra that truly represents who they are. Whatever option you choose, you can expect the perfect neckline and bust, thanks to the little details that give you a boost in both your breasts and confidence, such as the embroidered straps, delicate underbust band and Swarovski crystal accents.

Grazie High Waist Brief Panties

At Anita, we’re all about comfort and confidence-boosting luxury lingerie that encourages women to channel their inner lioness, and the Grazia high waist brief panties represent that perfectly. They’re the perfect combination of minimalism and complete with filigree embroidery to the sides, a soft leg edging and several sexy hues to choose from.

Venecia Luxury Bra for Enchanting Charm

Let’s skip the middle of the alphabet and head to the luxury lingerie at the end; our Venecia luxury bra is the precise definition of last but not least. Available in a dusty and sultry dusty grey, this comfort bra is the ideal option for any woman who wants to feel as great as the bra looks. It’s fashionable and cuddly, and the cups are divided into three parts and an elastic upper cup for a flawless bust.

Venetia Panties

We couldn’t possibly forget mentioning the Venecia high waist+ panties that are just as comfortable as the luxury bra. Accentuated with elegant mesh print, soft elastic straps and a leg close that doesn’t cut into your thighs, this is one pair of panties women can conquer the world in, all day long.

Venetia Bodysuit

Forget corsets that restrict women. We’re all about comfortable corselets that gave you the shapely silhouette you want with all the movement you need to be the wonder woman that you are. Our Venecia body is designed to gently and effectively create the enchanting waist you want, without having to suck and squeeze into it. It’s detailed with filigree net print and an additional integrated flap to give you even more light, gentle and powerful shaping.

And that’s only to name a few of our top choice from our new line of luxury lingerie. So, head on over to Anita and browse our collections of underwire bras, mastectomy bras, luxury bathing suits, shapewear and more, and give a gift that keeps giving. It isn’t about the lingerie; it’s about the way that lingerie makes you feel!

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