Despite seeming like such an easy piece of clothing, sports bras can get pretty complicated.

There are styles that stretch around your breasts like a giant elastic, often labeled as a ‘uni-boob’, styles that are designed with breathable fabrics, styles with mesh, styles with straps that cross, styles with straps that unclasp… well, you get the idea. The options out there are endless but not all are created equally, and not all feel as comfortable as they should. So, here’s a crash course on what your sports bra should feel like and should do to ensure optimal fit, support, and comfort.

Your Sports Bra Should Be Tight

There’s a big difference between your sports bra feeling tight and your sports bra being tight. While there’s no denying that some tightness is required to keep your breasts in place, your sports bra should never feel like it’s sucking in your soul. It should be snug enough to keep you in one place, yet not so tight that you feel like you can’t breathe.

Your Sports Bra Should Decrease Movement

A good sports bra is designed to decrease movement by at least half. So, do some jumping jacks, run on the spot or jump up and down. If it feels like your chest only moved a little bit, then your sports bra is doing what it’s intended to do, chances are, you have a good sports bra.

Your Sports Bra Should Be Light

While you’ll always feel something when wearing a sports bra, it shouldn’t be to the point where it becomes distracting. Often times, if you can feel your sports bra during your workout, perhaps it’s digging into your shoulders or chafing under your armpits, it’s time for a new style and possibly a new size.

Your Sports Bra Should Be Comfortable

Similar to the prior tip, a well-designed and properly fitted sports bra will never provide you with discomfort. The key here is proper fit. While a bad sports bra will almost always feel uncomfortable, even the best sports bras can feel uncomfortable if you’re wearing the wrong size. So, pay attention to the areas in which you’re feeling discomfort and keep that in mind when shopping for new styles.

Your Sports Bra Should Feel Good

A pretty clear sign that it’s time to replenish your sports bra collection is if they no longer feel new. Over time, the fabric will begin to stretch out and droop, perhaps the underwire will pop out if you opted for a less-than-high-quality version or maybe it simply feels worn. Either way, if your sports bra doesn’t feel new, chances are it isn’t and it’s time to go sports bra shopping.

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