Mistakes made by buying a maternity bra

Now is the time that your breasts and the bras that you wear are most important. Of course, whether nursing or not, pregnant, young, old – whatever you are, the quality of your bra is always a big deal. However, when you’re nursing, your breasts are a lifeline – and they need to be treated with the utmost care! That’s also not to mention that as a mom with a newborn, anything that adds convenience into your busy day is always a bonus. What may surprise you is that when it comes to buying a maternity bra, a lot of women have no idea where to start. Since you’re likely squeezing in this read in between naps and feedings, there’s no need for an extensive go-to guide. Time is limited, we understand. So instead, simply avoid making these common mistakes when shopping for maternity bras and you’re good!

 1. Don’t Underestimate The Power of Professional Fitting

Every lady deserves to be professionally fitted for a bra at least once in her life; a fitted bra is a comfortable bra! We say at least once because your breasts will continue to change in size throughout your life, most notably during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. If you’re pregnant and want to get fitted for a maternity bra, it is ideal to do so at 8 months as your breasts will likely be the same size a couple of weeks after birth. However, you can also get fitted after the birth as well, which is actually recommended. If you don’t want to fork out the funds (and the limited amount of energy you likely have) to go get professionally fitted, there are some DIY guides that you can use to measure yourself at home.

 2. Don’t Purchase At The Wrong Time

Basic Maternity Bra

This common mistake when purchasing maternity bras goes hand-in-hand with the prior. You really can’t predict how your breasts will change once milk production begins. So, purchasing maternity bras before that happens can be a hit or miss. It is best to purchase after engorgement, which is approximately 2 weeks after birth. This way, you’ll know your new bust and can find a bra that fits properly.

 3. Don’t Purchase a Maternity Bra with “Extra Room Just in Case”

Many women purchase maternity bras that have a little extra room in the cup just in case their bra size was to change. However, avoid making this common mistake because a poor-fitted cup won’t give you the well-needed support you need. Instead, purchase a high quality, fitted-cup nursing bra that has stretchy fabric over the cup. This allows for some changes that occur as your breasts start to produce milk.

 4. Don’t Forget The 4-6 Hooks

As mentioned previously, your breasts will change post pregnancy, but your body likely will as well. Purchasing maternity bras that have at least 4-6 hooks and eyes on the back band allow a bit of tightening/loosening, without having to purchase an entirely new bra. The back band is also responsible for providing 80% of the support received, so make sure that whatever hook you use, it fits.

 5. Don’t Purchase Poorly Made Underwire Nursing Bras

This is one of the biggest mistakes you want to avoid making. While underwire-nursing bras can certainly be great, if not properly fitted, they can actually obstruct your milk ducts. As a result, you’re putting yourself at risk of getting mastitis. Since breastfeeding can be a challenge to begin with, you definitely don’t want a bra that makes it harder.

After all, maternity bras are there to enhance your nursing experience! Take care of your breasts and enjoy a comfortable breastfeeding experience by avoiding these common mistakes made when purchasing maternity bras. Check out what is available at Anita.com/Maternity

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