While some say the best time of year is Christmas, we like to argue that the best time of year is actually Cyber Monday. There’s nothing like snagging some awesome deals on bras as you invest in your chest! With the biggest shopping holiday right around the corner, you may be wondering how you can find the best bra deals, and we’ve got the inside scoop for you!

Find Your Favorites

The first thing you need to do well before Black Friday approaches is find your favorite stores and products. A quick search online for Anita bras will pull up all the local shops around you that sell our amazing product. You can also find online stores that sell our line of luxury lingerie, large cup size bras, maternity bras – you name it. Write these stores down, and then head onto the next step to find the best Cyber Monday deals.

Scope out the Sales Ahead of Time

Once you have a list of the stores you want to check out, do some research. Discover whether or not they’ll be participating in Cyber Monday, and if so, what their deals will be. If a store is offering 25% off the entire collection when shopping online (like the Anita Collection), as opposed to 10% on selected items from another store, this is something you want to be aware of. After all, Cyber Monday is all about getting more for less!

Be Aware of Midnight Crawlers

While you’re conducting your research on Black Friday deals, try to find out when each store is starting their sale. Some start at 9AM on Cyber Monday, whereas others will open their store at midnight for those who want to snag some savings before anyone else.

Discover the Early Bird Discounts

With the prior mentioned, some stores offer even more discounts if you’re one of the first customers. This is certainly something you want to know because an awesome swag bag is always a nice bonus. However, don’t solely focus on these kind of offers. Door buster prizes can sometimes be far from what you expect, and really hard to get. For example, if a store is offering 5 new large cup size bras for the first 100 customers, you’ll have to be in line for hours – and we mean hours prior to opening.

Cash in on the big 4 days

Some stores will continue to accept coupons from Black Friday through Cyber Monday, which means that you can cash in on savings for a few more days. coupon, Anita is very particular if and when they will have a sales event so be ready.

Shop Online

If you’re not the kind of person to wake up in the middle of the night only to wait in line for hours, you’re not out of luck. You can always shop online and often times, the best Black Friday deals can be found on the good ole’ Internet. So, scope out online stores, grab your credit card and snag all the bra savings you desire without ever having to get dressed.

So, start discovering the luxury Anita collection of bras and shop away. You have to buy bras anyway, so might as well do so when you can get a ton of savings.

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