Thanksgiving and the Holidays are right around the corner and that mean  large amounts of great tasting foods. You’ve worked hard for this time off and you’re ready to go all out. But hold that thought for a moment. You’ve also worked just – if not harder – to be healthy and fit. Forbidding fitness just because you’re on holiday can work against all your hard work. So, stay on top of your fitness while fully enjoying your time off with these helpful tips.

1. Don’t retire your workout regime

The first thing everyone wants to do as soon as they start their vacation is forgetting all about working out. Although you are on vacation – and certainly deserve a break – you’ll regret not exercising while away. Feel free to decrease the amount of time you spend exercises but still get at least 20 minutes of physical activity in each day.

2. Swap out your regular exercises for some winter fun

The best way to stay on top of your fitness while on break is to simply change things up. If you’re used to jogging on a treadmill, skip out on the gym and run up a mountain or go jogging in the woods. Go for a bike ride or go for a hike for optimal sights and if it is really cool and and it has snowed you can go skiing or ice skating. The Fall and Winter presents an abundance of opportunities to get outside and to get moving. So, focus on the fun activities that’ll keep you active.

3. Trade in the elevator for the stairs

You’d be surprised how many stairs people skip over every day. Even if it’s a little curb, people often choose to walk around to an opening. But that’s one step you could have taken to engage your muscles. Jokes aside, whether you’re visiting family or staying in your area, skip the elevators and always climb the stairs. It’ll be nice to feel that extra burn in the midst of all the fun and a great way to burn some calories.

4. Explore the town by foot and not taxi

While out of twin, it’s tempting to book a tour or take a taxi to a destination 5 minutes down the road. However, sight-seeing is the perfect way to get your steps in and it’ll provide a significantly more enjoyable experience than sitting in a smelly tour bus or crowded taxi. So, cancel your tour, tie your shoes, and enjoy your destination by foot.

5. Make time for fitness

The most important thing to do this Holiday Season is to make time for fitness. Chances are, you’ll be doing a lot of activities anyway. So, being active each day will come with next to no effort. However, if it doesn’t, make sure you get at least 20 minutes of exercise in even if it’s a brisk walk around town.

A week’s worth of rest and relaxation is great but it’s just as important to stay active. Breaking your exercise regime will make it excruciatingly hard to get back into. Check out some Anita Active Sports Bras that you can stay/ get fit in this holiday season!


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