Adjustable Sports Bras

Adjustable Sports Bras can be life-changing. You don’t realize just how much you’ve been missing out until you’ve worn one for the first time: the additional support for your breasts can make all the difference between a workout that feels good and one that leaves you hurting.

Just like any piece of activewear, they require proper care and maintenance to keep them looking and feeling their best. Laundering your adjustable sports bras and other activewear the right way also preserves their ability to support your body, helping you avoid injuries and keep performing at your peak. Here are a few dos and don’ts that we encourage you to keep in mind:

Read the instructions

All of our adjustable sports bras here at Anita Active come labeled with instructions on how to properly care for the materials they’re made with. The first thing you should do when you receive your new styles is to familiarize yourself with these labels, as different materials require different care.

In general, sports bras, sports tights, workout tops, and other pieces of activewear should all be kept away from bleaches and never be put in the dryer or ironed. They should not be sent to the dry cleaners, either.

Wear and wash

While you can get away with wearing your daily bras up to three times before needing to wash them, the same can’t be said for sports bras. These will need to be washed after each wear to prevent the growth of bacteria which cause unpleasant odors, as well as skin rashes or irritation.

It’s best to take your bra off after working out and then immediately wash it. If doing so isn’t possible, don’t just toss it in the hamper, instead hang your gear up to dry in an open-air area to allow the sweat and moisture to evaporate. Having a steady rotation of workout wear is also a good idea. This prevents your pieces from wearing out too quickly.

Use your hands

Nothing beats hand-washing when it comes to laundering your delicate items, including your sports bras. Your hands will always be gentler than a washing machine, which will toss them around and over-agitate them, shortening their lifespan significantly.

By handwashing, we don’t mean spending hours bent over the sink. Simply soak your sports bra in a solution of cold water and gentle soap or detergent. After half an hour, scrub them lightly, paying special attention to the cups, the band, as well as the straps for our adjustable sports bras. Rinse them out once you’re done, again in cold water.

If you absolutely don’t have the time or simply don’t wish to put in that much effort, you can use a mesh washing bag to wash your sports bras in the machine –  similarly to your lingerie.

Make sure the hook and eye closure is fastened, and only put them through the gentle cycle in cold water with a mild detergent. Make sure they aren’t mixed in with heavy items such as towels or comforters, as rotating around with them can cause your activewear to lose their shape.

Forego the fabric softener

Fabric softener is a bad idea in general. It can cause a significant amount of build-up inside your washing machine and plumbing, which can clog them both up. Over prolonged use, fabric softeners can also hinder your laundry detergent’s ability to penetrate your clothing’s fibers and make them less effective. Most of them aren’t very environmentally friendly either.

They’re especially bad news for many of the materials used in activewear and athleisure clothing. Conventional fabric softener formulas utilize chemicals that coat the high-performance synthetic fabrics used in these items, making them less breathable. It also reduces their sweat-wicking properties, which in turn, can make them smell worse instead of better.

Dry them right

Exposing your activewear to extreme temperatures can have a negative effect on their shape and quality. Heat and friction tend to weaken the materials they’re made with and lessen their elasticity, which can then lead to ripping and small holes.

The best way to dry your sports bras and other workout wear is to let them air-dry. If they have adjustable straps like ours do, don’t hang them up. To prevent your straps from stretching out, lay them down flat on a towel or simply drape them over a drying rack.

With proper care, your adjustable sports bras should continue to serve you well. Build up your collection today by browsing our Sports Bra Styles! now. 

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