Mothers always tell their birth stories to their young and even older children every year on the child’s respective birthday, but why do we never reflect on what happened in the mom’s life that day? On anyone’s DOB the woman birthing them became their mother. Now they may have given birth before, but there is now a story that unfolds in the newly created mother child bond. Birth is a new beginning!

In honor of Mother’s Day we at Anita want to narrow down one of the most demanded features in a nursing bra; spacer cups. A bra with spacer cups is perfect if you want a natural looking bust but still need the opacity of a padded bra for added shape and support. Anita has indeed combined the art of its maternity bra with the demand and support of Spacer cups with SKU 5010 MISS ANITA Underwire Nursing Bra, complete with cleverly concealing spacer cups. We at Anita understand the importance and security a new mother must have when breast feeding and put this thoughtfulness into our maternity rpducts, this one being no exception.

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