sports bras with sewn-in pads

You know how important a good sports bra is if you enjoy high-impact activities like long distance running, jump rope, leaping, or dancing. The quality of your workout (and your post-workout mood!) may be greatly improved by investing in a well-fitting, comfortable, and long-lasting sports bra.

That’s why here at Anita Active, we offer a range of high-quality sports bras, including sports bras with sewn-in pads that provide optimal support, comfort, and convenience.

In this article, we’ll explore the benefits of some of our most popular sports bras, taking a close look at the wide range of beneficial features for those of us who are looking for the best bras to match our active lifestyles.

sports bras with sewn-in pads

Why Sports Bras with Sewn-in Pads Are a Game-Changer?

One of the most popular sports bras that we offer is the one that includes sewn-in pads, our AIR CONTROL DELTAPAD sports bra. For women that want additional support and comfort in a sports bra, this could be the optimal choice. Here’s why:

No More Shifting Pads

Many sports bras have removable pads that move around during high-impact activities, which not only makes them appear funny but also reduces the support they provide. Our patented triangular-shaped DeltaPads which are sewn-in pads solve this issue because they are securely fastened to the bra and won’t move around as you work out.

Enhanced Comfort

Sewn-in pads also enhance your comfort during high-impact activities. Our DeltaPads are made of breathable and moisture-wicking micro terry material that keep you cool and dry, even during intense workouts. They also provide a soft cushioning effect that reduces chafing and irritation.

Better Support

Sports bras with sewn-in pads can offer better support for your breasts! The pads are strategically placed to provide maximum support and lift, which helps reduce breast movement during high-impact activities. This not only improves your performance but also prevents injuries and discomfort.

No Need for Additional Padding

With sports bras with sewn-in pads, you don’t need to wear additional padding. This means less hassle and less bulk, which is especially important if you’re wearing form-fitting workout clothes.

Other Top Sports Bras

At Anita, we offer a range of sports bras to suit different needs and preferences. Here are some of our top-selling options besides the Air Control DeltaPad Sports Bra.

EXTREME CONTROL – Sports Bra, Maximum Support

Our top-selling high-impact sports bra is lightweight yet delivers the power needed for sustained efforts. The EXTREME CONTROL design distinguishes itself with three-section cups that are held in place by an ingenious side sling solution.

The exterior fitted cups are a perfect complement to the inside seamlessness. You can rely on it to hold up even during the toughest of workouts.

LIGHT & FIRM – Sports Bra, Firm Support

This sports bra by Anita Active is truly worthy of its name. Your breasts are comfortably supported by the seamless, pre-shaped cups made of ultra-soft microfiber which is lightweight yet delivers firm support.

In addition to being excellent for low to medium-impact activities, it also makes the ideal partner for everyday wear and breast comfort.

sports bras with sewn-in pads

MOMENTUM – Sports Bra, Maximum Support

You can count on this powerhouse sports bra to help you perform at your highest level.

The seamless pre-shaped cups on our best-selling high-impact sports bra, the MOMENTUM, offer optimal support up to an H cup size.

The sweat-management system from Anita Active has a very soft micro terry wicking fabric that keeps you cool and dry.

Performance WireX – Sports Bra with Underwire

The WireX has a unique encased, external underwire for optimal performance. Being on the outside of the bra, it prevents irritation to the delicate under bust skin and cradles the breasts for extra stability during workouts.

It’s built from an elastic, perforated fabric with a fine, yet sturdy piqué lining. Not only does the performance wireX provide unparalleled support, but it also wicks away sweat and keeps you at a comfortable temperature while you workout.

FRONTLINE OPEN – Front Closure Sports Bra

Our Frontline Open sports bra features a convenient front closure design, allowing you to quickly put on or take off your athletic wear.

Its seamless, pre-shaped cups provide maximum bust support in any activity, and its easily adjustable Velcro-style comfort straps ensure a good fit and maximum ease of movement during any workout.

High-Quality Sports Bras That Make a Difference

The right sports bras are a must for any women engaging in high-impact activities. It’s not just about pure comfort, but making sure the breasts have enough support. While every woman’s experience is different depending on the exercise in question as well as body type and breast size, any activities that require jumping or extreme motions can cause discomfort or even damage breast tissue if you aren’t careful.

Quality sports bras such as the ones listed above offer the proper support while also being breathable, comfortable, and stylish.

Sports bras with sewn-in pads specifically could be the ideal choice for you if you prefer padding and want to combine it with support and convenience.

We’ve got you covered whether you need maximum support, a more structured fit, or a closure at the front. Look through our entire selection and you will see why Anita Active should be your go-to spot for activewear online!

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