Boobs and bras – two things that seem simple at first, but that both have fierce personalities of their own. Finding the perfect bra for your boobs can be hard, and then when you throw in the addition of being pregnant, you may have no idea where to start. Well, have no fear. You just have to know the basics of finding bras for your newfound pregnancy boobs and as always, the Anita Collection has you covered.

How many bras do you need when pregnant?

This is actually a very common question – and concern women have about pregnancy and bras. After all, having a baby sure isn’t cheap and spending money on yourself probably doesn’t seem practical. But think again! Your boobs are a lifeline, and they need to be treated as such.

Determining how many bras you need when pregnant has a lot to do with your budget. However, it is recommended to have at least three fit for your newfound cup size to ensure comfort, optimal milk duct development and support.

Basic Maternity Bra

What bra style is best during pregnancy?

The style of bra you choose should depend on your size and shape. A woman with an A cup that has grown into a B while pregnant can likely wear whatever style she wants without having to put a lot of thought into it.

However, larger cup sizes need more support and it can be hard to squeeze into certain styles.

As a rule of thumb, focus on the bra styles that have wide straps, sturdy seams and easy clasps. For added comfort, pay attention to the material, and opt for bra styles that are made from soft fabrics, such as cotton. Following this rule will instantly rule out the bad bras you should avoid.

You can see our wide range of maternity bras here.

How do you buy bras for pregnancy when your boobs are growing?

This is unarguably one of the most difficult things pregnant women face when purchasing new bras. Your boobs are constantly growing, and dishing out some cash for a new bra size every time your breasts change seems unrealistic. Fortunately, your current bra style will likely fit properly throughout most of those changes… Until it doesn’t.

When your boobs feel like they’re being sucked into your current size, it’s then time to go bigger. However, your new, large cup size bras will likely last you through to the end of your pregnancy and beyond.

So, only upgrade when you have to, or else it’ll be a total guessing game, and one that can be quite expensive.

Miss Lovely Padded Wireless Nursing Bra

When should you get fitted for nursing bras?

If you plan on nursing, it’s recommended to get sized and grab new bras at 8 months, as this is the size your breasts will be approximately 8 weeks post birth when your milk has come in fully.  Grab at least three stunning styles that have wide straps and durable seams, with the addition of easy nursing flaps and/or clasps and you’re ready.


Want to know more? you can see all of our amazing nursing bras here.

The excellent news is that just because your boobs are getting bigger doesn’t mean you have to wear ugly styles. Anita Collection has sexy bras for all cup sizes – your breasts will have never looked (and felt) so good!

For even more information check out our maternity and nursing product spotlight page.


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