We all know that health and fitness is necessary to keep ourselves running on all cylinders throughout the hustle and bustle of everyday life. However, sometimes we need a little extra motivation and support to get us through those tedious workouts, and to feel our best while sweating through our routines. Our Anita Active Sports Bra collection has built its reputation on providing the maximum amount of support for keeping everything in place throughout the duration of the most energized activities- without causing you to feel discomfort or restraint. Our inspiring vibrant prints compliment the strength of our sports bra you already love and rely on. Brand new colors and combinations will allow you to express your personality, while kicking butt at the gym or in various sports activities

Determined & Sexy

Our trendy Python print with a sexy edge that will increase your motivation to scale every obstacle that comes your way. Snakeskin prints have a particular reputation for popularity among those saucy femme fatales, who fearlessly command anything they set their minds to conquering. If you are looking to express your inner bad girl, this exciting print may be just the bite you need! Combined with this high impact sports bra, you will be armed and ready for battle.


Zen & in the Zone

Inspired by those warm vacation days, laying next to a tropical pool in your favorite beach chair – this color Pool Blue is sure to bring your favorite memories to mind for a relaxing effect. What better way to power through a dynamite workout, than by letting your mind escape to beautiful moments? With seamless pre-shaped cups and the Racerback shape of the DynamiXstar Sports Bra, this will be your dreamiest piece yet!


Ready to Flaunt Your Fierceness?

Can’t decide which print or color is best suited for you? With our Labor Day Sale you can select as many prints as you have moods and goals! Take advantage of 25% off everything on Anita.com from August 29th – September 2nd

Start browsing all of our Anita Active Sports Bra vibrant prints and colors today! What a better way to set your intentions and forge an ambitious pathway to fitness while looking stylish.

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