There’s no denying – the bigger the bust, the more support required. But the thing that is most important to always remember is that not all bras are created equally. Those elastic, compressed sports bras with no cups aren’t going to give you the well-needed support and comfort you deserve. Enhance your exercising efforts and sport-bra-wearing experiences by shopping some of the best sport bras for larger breasts. Here are some things to look for.

You need a sports bra with cups

Momentum Underwire Sports Bra

Momentum Underwire Sports Bra -Designed for maximum fit and comfort

If there’s one thing that can truly drag you down while working out (pun very much so intended), it’s a lack of support. All the bouncing can be incredibly uncomfortable and quite damaging to your breast tissues. This can encourage sagging and several health concerns. So, always purchase a sports bra that has cups to take advantage of encapsulation, which basically means that each breast is supported separately. These sports bra styles will also hug your body in all the right places, and as a bonus, the look is significantly more flattering than the flattening, uni-boob appeal that comes from compressed sport bra styles.

Consider an underwire sports bras

This is when you truly need to remember that not all sports bras are created equally. A poorly crafted underwire sports bra will dig and rub into your body with even the simplest of movements – and that’s sure to put a damper on your fitness regime. So, when purchasing a sports bra with underwire, always consider the quality to ensure optimal support and comfort. These styles of sports bras will give you that extra lift and shape that is always desirable. Some sports bras can even provide that lift without the use of underwire. So, shop around, ladies!

Avoid slip-over-the-head styles

As a larger breasted woman, pulling a sticky, sweaty sports bra up and over your head can be a truly daunting task. It even is for smaller women! That’s also not to mention that pulling a compressed sports bra over your head after an arm-day at the gym is near impossible. So, always avoid sports bras that require the slip-over-the-head technique to wearing or removing it. Take advantage of sports bras with closures. You can easily clip your bra off and let it fall to the ground once you’re done working out.

You need the wider straps

wide straps

DynamiXstar Racerback Sports Bra

The larger the bust, the heavier the boob, and you’ll need a sports bra that has strong enough straps to handle all the twists, turns and bouncing. Wearing sports bras that have wider straps allow for a more support fit that doesn’t dig into your shoulders in the meantime.






Think about the back

The back of your sports bra is inhookscredibly important for large breasts. The more hook-and-eyes (closures), the better. It helps provide that extra support without the use of a super tight band that may dig into your skin. With that said, you do want to make sure that the portion of your bra that wraps around your back is wide enough. A thin strap of fabric simply won’t do justice.


Deter the sweat with breathable fabric

This sports bra tip isn’t specific to larger breasts, and all women of all sizes should consider the fabric used in each style they wear. It is a huge factor in your comfort and support. Spacer bras are a huge hit in the sports industry because they allow for the air to flow freely through the style. The fabric is incredibly lightweight, so you literally feel like you’re wearing nothing at all – and any woman who has worn a bad bra knows that this feature is a huge bonus! So consider the fabric. Make sure it’s supportive, yet breathable.

Performance doesn’t have to trump the style of your sports bra either. The lingerie-Gods have finally created many stunning sport bra styles for large breasts! So you can work out comfortably, while feeling and looking amazing! Don’t let your bust drag you down, and always follow these tips. Visit’s product spotlight page to learn about your options.


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