Differences between maternity and nursing bras

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Your body is definitely going to be going through many changes, with your breasts being one of them as they become larger and much more sensitive to touch. That’s also not to mention that your body is also going through serious hormonal shifts, weight gain, expansion of your rib cage, and even mammary glands to prepare to make milk. So needless to say, when you can make simple changes to optimize your level of comfort and experience throughout your pregnancy, you are going to want take full advantage of them and the style of bra that you wear can be truly beneficial. To ensure that you’re making the proper bra selection, you need to first understand the differences between a maternity bra and a nursing bra and why your regular bras just won’t cut it.


Twin Underwire Bra

The Regular Bras
While it is tempting to just ‘put up’ with your regular bras for the next 9 months, you will really appreciate the quality that will come from investing in some high quality styles that will optimize your experience. That’s also not to mention that you should never have to feel like you’re ‘putting up’ with your bras. They should be comfortable, enjoyable and practical! Regular bras are excellent for regular occasions but you’re building a little baby inside of you and this is far from just regular ole’ circumstances, which is why these bras really don’t do justice for pregnant women. There’s no additional support, no additional comfort, no addition thought put into the craftsmanship to shape your new body.

Basic Maternity Bra

The Maternity Bras
As soon as you slip into a maternity bra, you will feel the difference. You can consider these styles to be a chalked up version of the prior. They’re specifically designed to support your now-larger breasts and comfortably so as well. Many maternity bras have wider straps with very soft cotton lining to emphasize your comfort and support. They also offer extra hooks on the straps so you can adjust the size throughout your pregnancy.

The Nursing Bras
The major difference between maternity bras and nursing bras is that the latter has clasps or panels that allow you to easily breastfeed without

Miss Mimi Wirefree Nursing Bra

having to remove your arm from the straps and removing half of the bra and so on and so forth. They are essentially designed to make your experience as a new mom easier. The trick when purchases nursing bras though is that you want to make sure that there is some room to grow because your breasts can go up or down another cup size or two when the baby comes and starts feeding.
Generally, women like to have a combination of all bras as they use their regular bras at the beginning of their pregnancy. Then, as their body starts to experience some changes, they find it more comfortable to switch over to their maternity bras, and then once the baby and milk comes in, it’s all about the nursing bra. However, some people like to wear maternity bras throughout the 9 months, or like to switch to nursing bras after the first 3 months of pregnancy. It’s really up to you and how your body changes but you’ll definitely want the option of all styles of bras.

  1. It is necessary that pregnant and nursing women have supportive, comfortable bras. During now, a woman’s breasts are perpetually changing. It should look like noticing the proper nursing or maternity bra may be a discouraging task, however, do not get discouraged! Our guide to maternity bra fitting can assist you to find your method.

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