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Running is a high-impact activity and no one knows this better than a woman who is doing it while wearing an ill-fitting sports bra. Unfortunately, many women continue doing so because they aren’t often aware of higher quality alternatives.

At Anita Active, we don’t believe in settling for uncomfortable sports bras, regardless of body type! Our goal is to make running and other high impact sports more comfortable for women who have experienced all of the discomforts that come from poor fitting bras.

This article was written with the hope that it will help women find the best sports bra that gives them the most support for their needs.

Why Are Sports Bras with Maximum Support Important

There are numerous reasons why wearing the right sports bra is important if you want to work out without discomfort or other issues arising.

For instance, when you perform certain strenuous activities, it’s natural that your breasts will shift and bounce if they are not supported correctly. This constant motion can cause muscle fatigue, discomfort, and drooping over time.

A maximum-support sports bra is designed to stop this from happening. Since breasts are made of fat and connective tissue and not muscle, they can sag if the skin and Cooper’s ligaments are not strong enough to hold them up. Cooper’s ligaments are non-resilient, so once they stretch out, it cannot be reversed.

No matter how big or small your breasts are, they will bounce when performing physical exercise. Therefore, all women, regardless of size or shape, should wear a sports bra with maximum support when running or working out.

Obtaining an Appropriate Measurement

Before you decide which of our sports bras is best for your activities, you should know how to put on a bra properly so that you get the best fit. Your size in one brand might not work with ours or another style of bra, and vice versa.

There are a few crucial details to check for in any bra:


The bra’s band wraps around the lower half of your torso, serving as a support system. A sports bra’s band is meant to be a closer fit than a regular bra’s band. Thus, a large portion of the support originates from the band.

Your sports bra shouldn’t cause any discomfort when you’re working out. Therefore, the importance of the band cannot be overstated. Avoid uncomfortable chafing by wearing a snugly fitted, seam-free band that provides the support you need.


You can count on the sports bra staying vertical thanks to the straps. It is a myth that the straps provide the majority of the support; your breasts shouldn’t be supported entirely by them.

The best sports bras include elasticized straps that move and stretch with your body.

We have a wide selection of sports bra straps to choose from, including classic, and racerback designs. The straps should be adjusted so that they don’t slide down your shoulders during any movement.

Bra slippage may also be caused by the bra’s overall fit; for example, if the band is too loose, it may ride up the wearer’s back as she jumps, causing the shoulder straps to slip off. As a result, you could tighten the straps excessively to make up for it, which will make them dig into your shoulders and be extremely unpleasant.


The sports bra’s cups serve to contain and form the wearer’s breasts. Cupped sized sports bras are the norm and help separate and contour the breasts in a more natural way.

Various extras can be added to a cup as well. Modesty and shape augmentation can be achieved with the addition of padding or molding.

sports bra with maximum support


You can rely on the underwire to keep your breasts in place. Not all sports bras have underwires, but for women who have larger breasts, it can be a great option even though there are wireless sports bras equally supportive. For example, our Performance WireX is made for bust sizes B-H and band sizes 32-40 with an outside underwire that distributes the weight of your breasts evenly.

Indications of a Good Fit

  • The majority of your weight should be resting on the band. A well-fitted bra, when closed at the loosest hook when new, should be snug without being uncomfortable.
  • The cups shouldn’t have any creases or puckers in them.
  • You want the straps to be snug and secure without being too tight or too loose.

Your workout routine may include everything from running to tennis, so you’ll need a sports bra with maximum support that can adjust to your specific needs and active lifestyle! If you’re looking for a sports bra, we think you’ll find what you’re looking for in our Anita Active collection, which features a wide variety of sports bras that offer comfort and functionality in one.

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